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Would these trades be fair? I'm the commish in the league and I have had to veto several rediculous trades.?


Person A gives: Matt Cain and Nelson Cruz

Person B gives: Alex Rodriguez & Carlos Quentin (dl)


Person 1 gives: Nelson Cruz, Kevin Millwood, and Jeff Niemann

Person 2 gives: Casey Blake & Ian Snell (na)


Person X gives: Alex Rios and David Weathers

Person Y gives: Nelson Cruz, Ricky Romero, and Michael Wuertz

So which trades would be acceptable and which wouldn't?

Thanks for your input everybody!

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    1. Fair

    2. Fair

    3. Unfair

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    Trade 1 is not vetoable.

    Cain is a top 20 pitcher, Cruz has a lot of upside. Arod has struggled with average and Quentin is a DL machine. However both Arod and Quentin have huge potential. I think Whoever gets arod stomachs a bigger risk, which is why it is fair.

    Trade 2 is quite 1 sided and i would say could be vetoed.

    trade 3 is fair

    Rios and Cruz are similar stat wise, just help if different categories. Romero and Wuertz are better than Weathers, but not by enough to make in way unfair

  • reny d
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    i would say trade 2 is not fair. black is good and plays first and third but he is not worth 3 players. i think trade 1 is fair and trade 3 because the team getting rios and weathers also will get a waiver pick up which will even up that trade. but you need to step in on trade 2. maybe the person getting blake don't no what na means or is not familiar with most bb players just his/her team and big names?

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    of course commerce one is rigged to the desire of individual B. Nelson Cruz is a notch above A-Rod this 365 days, and Cain is an all-action picture star, rounding out the NL in wins and era.... Carlos who? commerce 2 is fantastically plenty even, once you communicate approximately that individual a million expects that Ian Snell would be back interior the bigs, that's a no brainer i for my area do no longer desire to get too a procedures with this, yet from what i think of, Y is dropping ALOT in this one.. no longer sufficient to tutor that he would not comprehend a thank you to play myth.... All in all, purely approve 2 and reject a million and 3

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  • mm117
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    Trade 1: seems ok but not sure if i would do it.

    Trade 2: fair

    Trade 3: Not good for person X i dont think

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