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boat ramming other boat...what material is strongest?

Say 2 boats were to ram eachother (like 20 foot boats) which one would come out on tom, aluminium or fiberglass?

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    My boat is made from Marine Grade Aluminium alloy (BS5083), just 30' long.

    A couple of years ago she was hit by a 60' steel narrow boat out on hire. The collision was so hard that we were partly put up on the bank.

    The only damage to my boat was some of the protective rubber strip around the hull being loosened along a two foot length.

    The impact would probably have written off a fiberglass hull.

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    Too many variables. A heavy built alloy hull like my old Star Boat is pretty strong. My 21 foot Nereus is massively overbuilt in GRP. Both boats are gonna get hurt, but if one 'T' bones the other the bow is the strongest bit - you work it out.

    Frankly I don't want to be on either one in that scenario - it will hurt big time.

  • John L
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    Steel is the strongest but between aluminum and fiberglass, there are many variables, each one could be built stronger but I would have to pick aluminum.

  • Anonymous
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    I'd have to say fiberglass, it seems heavier than aluminium.

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