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Should I get a boy or girl beagle? (Best answer gets 10 pts.)?

I read something about their personality is about the same. I was not so sure to get a girl or boy I am a girl what do ya'll think i should get? Please answer!


Luvsdard I just put that picture on there because I thought it was cute. By the way thanks!

Update 2:

Thanks evy!

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    You do realize beagles are bred to give voice, meaning they are bred to bark? Don't get this breed if barking bothers you or your neighbors. Seriously.

    As to boy or girl, there are no hard and fast rules as to which you would like best. I have had many dogs over the years. My Mom always went for females. She felt they would be more loving, less likely to roam and wouldn't raise their legs on anything to urinate, like her plants.

    I have found both in dogs and cats that the female is actually the tougher customer. The boy dogs I have had were lover boys and more inclined to snuggle and be affectionate. They also seemed less inclined to fight, strangely enough.

    Boy dogs do lift their legs, but to me that isn't a big issue. I think if neutered, they have no big roaming tendency, as long as they are given exercise.

    My experience also says that often, but not always, a dog will bond more with the opposite sex human. I have often seen female dogs bond with men, and male dogs bond with women. I have seen exceptions, but that is a pattern I have observed. So if you want a dog to bond with you, get the opposite sex dog as a rule.

    As I said, there are exceptions to all rules, but those are the patterns I have seen. Bottom line is any puppy is lovable. You can't really go wrong.

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    I think you should get a girl because you are a girl. I would get which ever because they both have the same personality so I would be ok with either a boy or a girl. I think you should think this way if it would be your child would you want a boy or a girl if it would be your child. Because getting a dog it is soon going to become like a child so if you would want a girl then you should get a girl beagle but if you want a boy as a child then you should get a boy beagle.

    I am sure that the choice you will pick would be the best.

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    Beagle Boy

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    I am not going to tell you what gender to get so i will give you some tips about both. If you get a girl from a breeder or pet store they normally cost more because they have babies. If you get a girl there is a chance that it can get pregnant if she is not spayed. So if she gets free and meets another dog then ya kno. Or if you want her to get pregnant and have puppies you can sell them for money. If you get a boy beagle they cost less than the girls. And if he is not neutered he can get a girl pregnant and then you won't have to deal with the puppies. They both have a really good personality and they don't vary much.

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    Well boys cost less than girls to get fixed. My sister has like 20-30 beagles ( no lie) and they all seem sweet to me. I have never owned a beagle before but I have had 3 other boy dogs before and they were crazy and no coudle bugs, I just got female pup 2 weeks ago and she is so sweet. So I would deffently get a girl

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    While all beagles tend to roam away from home, given a chance to escape, a girl beagle, spayed, would be a little less likely to wander as far. I would get a girl beagle.

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    <------- I wanted a girl but got a boy, Homer. He is the best dog I've ever had. He is a mix but mostly beagle. I LOVE BEAGLES!!! I'd get a boy if I were you and have him neutered at 6 months old. It keeps them calm and loving and they don't get all hormonal.

    Great avatar by the way. Is that the dog you're getting?

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    I have had several beagles through my life so tust me on this. If you want a killer hunting dog, males are sometimes better. Females are extremely loving and sweet. This doesn't work for all beagles though, because each dog is an individual. If you just want a dog to play with that is sweet, look for a friendly dog/puppy when you go to choose one. Don't try to pick the perfect one, because often the right one will find you.

    Source(s): 13+ years with beagles and beagle puppies
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    It depends if you get a male, you are in for :

    potential humping problems.

    marking in the house.

    But on the other side of that I have heard that males are more willing to please.

    Females are more "complex" they are way more emotional. In my life have i seen a more emotional dog than my female beagle. her hormones or god knows what are wack.

    When she is happy she will let you know. Being a beagle she will show off her voice.

    As long as you get her spayed she wont go into heat. [= to woman's period.]

    Females are more independent. as if the breed wasnt that already.

    PLease adopt! there are plenty of purebreeds in shelters. their only issue was that the dumb owner didnt research the breeed.

    Go to a shelter.. or

    :D good luck. either gender is good. :)

    Source(s): Beagle Owner. [Female]
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    Where are you getting the beagle? Most girls are calmer than the guys and are sweet and more loving, but that depends because some girls are hyper and some boys are calm. If from a breeder, ask about the diffrent puppies personalities. If from a shelter, just get whats closer, or call and ask about the dogs personalities.

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