Rosetta Stone ERROR 9119? How can it be fixed?

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Hi, I have a problem when installing a new lenguage level. When I´m doing it at the end it shows a message that says "Error 9119" And the level is not installed
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Call their customer service.


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  • L.B. of D.C. answered 3 months ago
    When you install Rosetta Stone it puts its language files in a different folder. When you uninstall the program the language files are left intact and are never touched. If a problem occurs and one of the language files becomes corrupt and unreadable you're going to get that error 9119 every time when you try to re-install your language pack. Each language level has THOUSANDS of files in hundreds of sub-folders. Each file in those sub-folders has an hexadecimal name of 40 or more characters in length. So good luck trying to find the corrupt file(s). Also, because the file or files are corrupt, they can't be read or deleted. You're going to have to perform chkdsk on your hard drive to recover the bad sectors...eventually. The quickest and simplest way to fix your Rosetta Stone problem is to rename the folder where it puts its language files to something else. On an xp system the default name is "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Rosetta Stone". I changed mine to "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Garbage Files". That way when Rosetta Stone goes to install its language files it will recreate the folder cleanly instead of trying to overwrite the old folder and its corrupt files. That will solve your problem. You can then run chkdsk at your leisure and delete the Garbage Files. Good luck and spread the word.
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