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Which is the most powerful MUSLIM country in the world?

I don't know all countries but i found these...Which is more powerful (wealth , weapon , technology) among them ????????

1. Afaganistan

2. Albania

3. Algeria

4. Bahrain

5. Bangladesh

6. Cameroon

7. Central African Republic

8. Chad

9. Dahomey

10. Egypt

11. Ethiopia

12. Gambia

13. Guinea

14. Guinea-Bissau

15. Indonesia

16. Iran

17. Iraq

18. Jordan

19. Kuwait

20. Lebanon

21. Libya

22. Malaysia

23. Maldive Islands

24. Mali

25. Mauritania

26. Morocco

27. Niger

28. Nigeria

29. Oman

30. Pakistan

31. Qatar

32. Saudi Arabia

33. Senegal

34. Sierra Leone

35. Somalia

36. South Yemen

37. Sudan

38. Syria

39. Tanzania

40. Togo

41. Tunisia

42. Turkey

43. U.A.E

44. Yemen

45. Bosia


i am talking about muslim countries...not uk or usa........

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    Well they are:

    1: Turkey (Troops , wealth and technology)

    2: Saudi arab (wealthy)

    3: Iran (wealthy , Nuclear power)

    4: U.A.E (wealthy)

    5: Kuwait , Qatar , Yemen and many more they are rich countries but doesn't have strong troops.

    Pakistan also the great country they have strong troops 7th largest army and technology is great in their hands.

    Nuclear state

    They beat India several times also.

    But it doesn't mean if you beat country like india you will be in the list of great Islamic countries.

    • Kashif5 years agoReport

      Iran Nuclear power? lol. u r kidding here

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    Its either Pakistan, as it has nukes and western weapons or Iran as it has the world's largest army, even bigger than that of China.

    But in the international arena both are relatively weak. Pakistan will be over in less than 24 hours in the event of a full-scale war with India and same is the case of Iran with Israel.

    USA, Russia, UK, France etc. are way too powerful.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If muslims maintain their current birth rate and many wives policy then after some decades india will be the strongest and largest muslim country in the world.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Pakistan wouldn't have been, had they not have the nuclear bombs, which no other Muslim country have. This one difference makes Pakistan the most powerful Muslim country in the world.

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    I think Saudi Arabia is most powerful because of money, weapons and a concern for the US because of the fact of how much power Saudi Arabia has in terms the limit of access or amount of cooperation with the US.

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    Pakistan is well armed but is beggar.Other some have big armies but r not with strong weapons.Wealthy countries r weak in terms of having weak armies.Hence,none,in the terms of wealth,weapon and technology.

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    No doubt it is Pakistan which stands among top ten powerful countries ih the world!

  • 6 years ago

    pakistan most most powerful MUSLIM country

  • India.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


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