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Does anyone know about George H.W. Bush throwing up on the Japanese prime minister?

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How did the country first react to this?


Damnit, no one is anwering the question about how the whole country reacted.

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    The Japanese are a very humble and understanding people. I think they handled it diplomatically, as I recall. It wasn't an insult, and I doubt they would think it as humorous as we did. There are many references to it in US pop culture. The Simpson's episode where Bush get s in fight with Homer: "I'm gonna ruin you like a Japanese banquet!". ALso there was a reference to it in Hotshots part deux. Right after the president says "just yesterday I was strafing your houses, and now here I ma BEGGING you not to make such good cars!" he eats some bad fish and re-enacts the scene..

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    It was very embarrassing for the country, but not as much so as when George W. Bush shat all over Queen Beatrice at a banquet in Utrecht.

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    Yes, I know about it. But I don't know how the country reacted. I was a small child at the time. I learned about later on.

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    Saturday Night Live did a hilarious skit w Barbara - in pink -crawling down the banquet table frantically trying to get away. Worth checking into if they have it online still.

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    Yes, I was an adult when it happened.

    If you get gastroenteritis, who you are sitting next to is not going to keep it down.

    At first they were a little freaked out as apparently, you still are. Then they realized that the man was legitimately sick and had made effort to attend the dinner anyway.

    Not the same as NOT KNOWING that you just do NOT pat the Queen on the back!

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    Yeah i saw it a while back of course I was two when this happened. Anyway im assuming that most of the country was mortified while the republican half probably applauded him for his 'Patriotism'

  • Chelfi
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    There was general embarrassment. Later the explanation seemed to have to do with medication he was taking or possible jet lag, and there were rumors that he took Haldol, a major tranquilizer. I don't remember any explanation for that.

    That's how the whole country felt: embarrassed.

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    1 decade ago

    I saw that. Apparently HW Bush didn't like the taste of sashimi (raw fish).

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    Yep. He was a pretty barfy President.

    The Japanese were very polite and said "screws you".

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    Was this before or after he massaged Prime Minister Merkel's shoulders?

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