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question about minor league baseball teams?

hi i know about minor league baseball but have two questions. is the rookie league considered single a baseball. i mean are they also professionals but just at a lower level. can anyone tell me what rookie league through triple a teams there are within 40 miles of biloxi,miss.or within 40 miles of valdosta,ga. thanks

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    Rookie leagues are generally not considered "A" ball, but simply "Rookie" leagues. There are however, short-season "A" ball minor leagues, which are similar, but not limited to first-year players like the Rookie leagues.

    Most clubs have two rookie teams, in almost every case, one of the teams is located at the major league teams' spring training site in Florida or Arizona. The other's are clustered together fairly closely in the Pioneer League (Montana, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming) and the Appalachian League (Tennesee, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina) There are also rookie leagues in the Dominican Republic and Venezuela, made up primarily of Latin American players.

    There are currently no professional baseball teams (affiliated nor independent) within 40 miles of Biloxi or Valdosta.

    Here are the closest professional baseball teams to Biloxi;

    Mobile Bay Bears, AA Southern League, affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks. (approx 60 mi.)

    New Orleans Zephyrs, AAA Pacific Coast League, affiliate of the Florida Marlins (approx 95 mi.)

    Gulfport had a minor league team 1906-08, 1926-28 (they played some home games in Biloxi in 1908.)

    Here are the closest professional baseball teams to Valdosta;

    Jacksonville Suns, AA Southern League, affiliate of the Florida Marlins. (approx 125 mi.)

    Savannah Sand Gnats, A South Atlantic, affiliate of the New York Mets (approx 175 mi.)

    Valdosta had a minor league team - 1906, 1913-16, 1939-58.

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    No. Although it essentially could be A ball, it is just considered the Rookie League.

    There are three different types of A ball:


    A Advanced

    A Short Season

    To answer your other question, http://web.minorleaguebaseball.com/milb/stats/stat... check out the teams in the SAL league on this page.

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    Yes, it is not really considered A Ball, it is more considered Rookie Ball, Then you start getting into the Short, Low and Advance, then that is basically the start to the A, AA, AAA and then the MLB.

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