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Stopping and starting birth control?

I started taking birth control three weeks ago, first day of my period like I was told but I've had my period for the whole three weeks I've been on the pill. I'm incredibly frustrated and I don't want my period anymore - can I just stop taking the pills and when I get my period next month, can I start taking them again?

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    No you can't do that if you want the pill to be effective. It takes a full 3 months for the pill to regulate your cycle so you're going to have to deal with it.

    when I started my pills I had my period for the entire month as well. Although it was light, there was still always blood and I wore pantiliners for almost the entire 3 months because I would sporadically just start bleeding out of no where.

    This is normal, it's your body getting used to the new hormones. Once I was on them for three months it straightened itself out and now I only get my period on the days designated for the "sugar pills."

    If this isn't something you can handle then stop taking the pills. They are expensive and it's going to be a waste of your time and money to take something only when you "feel like it." They won't be effective and you'll have a significantly higher chance of getting pregnant.

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