Who else HATES the fact that all the guys name are turning into girls names?

Like (And I have met at least one girl with all of the following names):







Jayden (Although I like this for a girl)

I think they are all stupid for girls except for Jayden. Who else hates this? Because I do! I feel so stupid because my sons middle name is Riley (he is six). I have loved for a boy basically my entire life and now I feel stupid having a son with a name that is popular for girls. And its totally hypocritical because people say they hate unisex names and then you find out their daughters name is Riley! And they love names like Riley, Dylan, Devin etc for girls, but would faint if someone named their boy Ashley, Mackenzie, Morgan etc (which are technically unisex) So who else hates girls taking all the boys names??????


I actually like Charlie and I said that Morgan was better for a girls name (although technically unisex) and I said people wouldn't like it if a boy was named Morgan, which is unisex, but they love it when a girl is named Hayden, which is unisex. I'm just saying its hypocritical.

Update 2:

I mean, if you are going to have a girl, you could at least do her the favor of giving her a girls name! I mean, what if she is like one of those people like my neighbor, who has a unisex name (Taylor) and she wears guys clothes, and sounds like a guy, and looks like a guy. I sometimes end up calling her "he". She is also on middle schools basketball team, and we watch all the games because my neice is on the team, and at the first game, my brother-in-law asked my sister why the let a guy play on the girls team! he was referring to Taylor! That is another reason why I hate guys names on girls.

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    I personally do NOT think Mackenzie is a unisex name at all. Mc/Mac means SON OF. i'd never use a Mac/Mc name for a girl. i find them tacky. just my opinion though.

    and yes i do dislike some names being used as girl names when i feel that they are traditionally boys names and should remain so.

    -To me Riley is a boys name.

    -Dylan is a boys name

    -Sawyer is a boys name, and i find it horrid on a girl, much as i do Spencer and Sterling

    -Shay i happen to like on a girl, but spelled Shaye. I knew both a boy and a girl w/this name (Shae and Shay is how they spelled it) and so for me this is a unisex name.

    -Hayden is a BOYS name and i'll sing it to the high heavens! My youngest son's name is Hayden Ronald. he's named after his great-grandfather Hayden Grant M. and his grandfather Ronald Glen S. Hayden is SUCH a masculine name to me, and will NEVER be feminine just because some retarded TV cheerleader on a hit show has this name! I will never apologize for using it, nor will i allow anyone to make me feel "stupid" for having used it. I honestly couldn't care less what ppl think. it's a boys name, has been a boys name for a VERY long time and will remain so. Hayden is an old English name. We didn't even know about the ridiculous -aden craze at the time, and so what. sorry....soap box :)

    -Cameron to me is unisex. i've known both so i'm used t hearing it on both.

    -Jayden is just a horrid name, i don't care what sex has it.

    -Devin is a boys name. it looks too "stripper-ish" for a girl

    -Ashley i prefer on a boy actually. I have known boys named Ashley, Courtney, Jody, Carey, Morgan and Shannon. None were ever made fun of for having those names and all were actually very popular in school, esp Ashley who was quite the heartthrob.

    -Mackenzie told ya how i feel about that one

    -Morgan as i said i've seen on both boys and girls and find this name to be great for BOTH sexes

    -Charlie i adore for both boy and girl....Charlie as a nn for Charles for a boy and Charlee for a girl. but for me it's a family name (Charles) and that's the only reason i'd use it on a girl

    -Taylor is a horrible name anyways...boy or girl...it's like Jordan overused and BLAH now.

    My daughter actually is named Delaney. I've had people tell me it's a "boys name"...i've never found any reason to think of it as a boys name...Laney is her nickname. that's pretty girly i think. But then some boys names i cannot stand as girls names, while others i find nice.

    My oldest son's name is Kyle and i've heard that on girls too, i find that stupid honestly when Kylie is such a cute feminine version of it.

    i even saw someone ask if Brandon would be a good girls name. My middle son's name is Brandon....i was thinking that's all my kids need....all their names switched up LOL

    who knows what will be considered boys names or girls names when my kids are grown and giving me grandkids!

    ~such is life

    Source(s): Obsessed w/baby names, Military Wife & Mother of 4 (13 y/o son, 11 y/o son, 3 y/o daughter & 1 1/2 y/o son)
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    With all due respect, it sounds like you're being a tad hypocritical. You're contradicting yourself.

    You say that a name such as Riley shouldn't be turned into a unisex name, because it's originally a boy's. But, then, you say Morgan is more girly. The same that happened to Morgan is happening to Riley right now. Morgan was originally a boy's name (and is still used on boys, such as Morgan Freeman, and my friend's little brother is named Morgan) that unfortunately started getting slapped onto girls, just like Riley is. Morgan's not as girly as everyone thinks it is. I, personally, adore it on a boy and would use it on my son in a heartbeat.

    Technically, there are no "unisex" names. All names started off on strictly one gender, and eventually, parents started to be daring and used it on the opposite sex. Nameberry.com is a good example of this. None of their names are listed as unisex; they have them listed under whatever gender they originally were. Ashley and Kelly were very strong boy names not too long ago, but are now considered "feminine" simply because people starting sticking them on their daughters. It's very sad, but I wouldn't be surprised to see names like Dylan, Ryan, Taylor and Cameron become all girl names within the next ten years. It's pretty ridiculous, but it's happened with tons of boy names.

    To get to the point, it really just comes down to opinion. Some people believe that ANY name that was originally a boy's should still be very masculine and male only (even names like Meredith and Joyce.) Others are into the trendy style, where boy names are cute on girls, even names like Tyler and Hunter. I suppose no one's really right or wrong, because you can name your child any name that you like, and it'll be on you with whether or not they get made fun of or if they like their name or not.

    Me? I'm somewhere in between, but I lean more towards the side of a boy's name should always be a boy's name. I love names like Morgan, Bailey, Avery, Casey, Ashton and Shannon for boy's, even if they are popular for girls. They were originally very masculine, so I don't see why they still shouldn't be.

    Best wishes.

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    I don't like it very much. It's getting very frustrating to find so many of my favorite boy names becoming so girly. Jordan has always been one of my favorites for a boy, but there were three - yes, THREE - girls named Jordan in a 5th grade class I saw. Three Jordans out of a class of 24 kids, maybe half of them girls. 3/12...a FOURTH of the girls in the class were named Jordan! Since then I've been iffy on the name. Another one of my favorites is Dylan, but I've also seen this one worn on girls before.

    I mean, I'm not saying that you can't have a name to reflect a more tomboy personality, but I think that's what nicknames are for. I don't have a problem with Alexandra going by Alex, Charlotte going by Charlie, Samantha going by Sam, etc. But I wouldn't name them just Alex or Sam or Charlie.

    You bring up a very good point with the reverse thing. Nobody DOES seem to have any problems with Riley or Dylan for a girl, but when they meet a boy named Ashley, their reaction is, "YOU'RE A BOY?! But that's a GIRL'S name!"

    I've been yelled at for stating that Madison was a boys' name, which is actually true because the meaning of the name is "Son of Matthew" - hence the -son ending. I accept that this one has gone over to the girls now, but I still would not name my daughter a name that meant "Son of ____." I do love the name Madeleine/Madelyn, which is similar and very feminine.

    I do like some unisex names for girls more than guys, though. I mean, even though I have seen male Baileys and Taylors, when it comes down to it I like them better for girls (I do think Taylor is quite handsome on a boy, however, so I don't know). And Riley for a girl is acceptable if spelled as Rylie or Ryleigh. But the majority of these "unisex" names were not unisex until some people came around and called their daughters by these names, and I find it hard to sympathize with them on that.

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    I agree.

    If I had a girl, I would definitely name her a girly name. My top favourites for a girl are Lilly, Paige and Charlotte which are all really girly. The only name I like that is sometimes referred to as unisex is Addison - but I've never met a boy named Addison.

    Other than that, I would not name my girl something that was really a boy's name - the closest would be calling Charlotte "Charli" as a nickname - which is completely different!!!

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    I don't understand why people think it is cute to throw names like Avery, Ryan, James, Addison, Jameson, Emerson, etc. The names ending in SON is what bothers me the most. Charlie in my opinion isn't a girl's name either.

    It's ridiculous, I tell people on here that I want a son named Winter Alexander and they flip out, screaming saying it's a girls name. Well here is what I have to say about that. One it is a season that is strong, cold, harsh, can be serene at times, which are all characteristics of a boy. Second of all if they can name their daughters William, George and Henry and get away with it, I think I'm the one who isn't seriously disturbed.


    Oh yeah the name "Emory" is another one heading on up their on the girl's list too.

    Oh yeah and the name Phoenix is a boys name that is heading up there on the girl's list too.

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  • Thank God someone else feels the way I do!!!! I want to rip my hair out every time I see someone suggest Blake for a girl. My mom named me Randi, I cannot tell you how horrible it is having a boy name. I feel so much anger towards women who want boy names for their daughters. Why not Samantha and call her Sam or Sammy? At least that is a girl name! It really pisses me off that my nephews Dylan & Cameron are going to share their names with females in their class. I personally have always felt way too masculine because of my name, so I can only imagine what they will feel... Perhaps emasculated? I certainly would feel that way!

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  • ME ME ME!

    I had a question about this too. It's so frustrating!

    If all the girls keep taking all the guy names, there wont be any guy names left! It's so stupid!

    I like these names on boys:









    I want to use Casey, Elliot and Finley on boys if I have them. Finley Morgan is a combo I love.

    I hate that they're using male names on girls. I mean, yeah Ashley was a boy name, but now a girl name, but I feel for all those males out there who are getting teased because their name is Ashley and that's now considered a girl name.

    A lot of these names they're using on girls isn't even cute on a girl! Sawyer? I mean really? Come on. Name her Sarah or Savannah or something girl-like.

    Maybe I should name my sons Ashley, Madison, Shannon, and Lesley... just to piss them off.

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    1 decade ago

    I am upset about that too! The name Carter used to be such a masculine name, and now it is turning into a girl's name! I love the name Carter for a boy, but it just doesn't seem like a girl's name to me!

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    im mackenzie and no one teases me. here r my opinion on ur names.



    sawyer-guy (my friends little 5yr old brother is sawyer. the most cute yet annoying 5yr old ive ever met)

    shay-good for both

    hayden-good for both

    cameron-good for both

    jaydon-good for both

    devin-mostly guy, but girl sometimes

    ashley-GIRL! i dont like it on a guy at all. when was it ever a guy name???

    mackenzie-GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i tired of people saying its a guys name! no, it shoudlnt be. i dont like the thought of me having a guys name!

    morgan-girl, definetely

    jamie (u didnt mention, but also unisex)-either way, but mostly girl. my bff is jamie and a girl.

    charlie-boy. it could be girl but it should be boy.

    taylor-either way, i like it on both.

    can u answer my question? here is the link...


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    I hate it so much! I really do.

    That's why I'm choosing names that just CANNOT cross the damn gender line. Some of my favorites include:

    Christopher, Benjamin, Carden (similar to Carson, so I'm hoping it won't be used on girls one day), Holden, and Henry.

    The worst part is, there are some really gorgeous girl's names out there that aren't being used.

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