Tim Duncan Greatest PF To Ever Play The Game ?

Timmy's one of the best but is he the best PF to ever play the game?

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  • WWW
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    1 decade ago
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    4 time NBA CHampion

    3 Finals MVP

    2 MVP

    12 All NBA team ( in 12 seasons )

    12 All NBA defensive team (in 12 seasons) and that is record

    Made Finals 4 times in 12 seasons


    Karl Malone

    0 Championship

    0 Finals MVP

    2 MVP

    14 All NBA Team ( 19 seasons)

    4 All NBA Defensive Team (19 seasons )

    Made Finals only 2 times in 18 years ( and 1 more riding Lakers )



    0 Championship

    0 Finals MVP

    1 MVP

    11 All NBA team in (16 seasons)

    0 All NBA Defensive Team (16 seasons)

    Made Finals only 1 time

    So that mean Duncan has done more things in his 12 years than Malone done in 19 years or Barkley in 16 seasons

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    Yes, Duncan is the greatest PF ever. To my mind, the most remarkable thing about him, even more the the titles and awards, is his consistency. The Spurs have a better winning percentage then any other major pro sports team over the past 10 years. They haven't lost more then 30 games in a season since Duncan joined them. They haven't had a decent draft pick in forever, yet somehow every year the Spurs are a title contender. You've seen the Lakers win 3 titles, fall out of the playoffs entirely, then rebuild and win another ring in that same time period.

    Stop making excuses for Malones lack of rings by claiming he played in the Jordan era. Malone had Stockton, a top 50 of all time player, Mark Eaton who was twice named DPOY, and a HOF coach in Jerry Sloan. and he could still only manage two finals appearances. It's not Jordans fault that Malone couldn't even make it out of the West.

    Sure, the two times he did make the finals the Jazz lost to the Bulls, but even if Malone had won both times he made the finals, he'd still only have half as many rings as Duncan does.

    Other contenders for greatest PF

    Barkley - No rings

    McHale - Not even best player on his own team

    Dirk - Great scorer, no defense. No rings.

    Garnett - Never able to elevate his team until he joined a couple of all-start with the Celtics.

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    No. Karl Malone is the greatest power forward ever to play the game. Malone was 6'10 and averaged way better numbers than Duncan.

    And WWW Tim Duncan did not have to play against Michael Jordan in the Finals so think again.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    He is because he's can flat out win. Him and Gregg Popovich have been the only thing (that's not in the front office) that has been here for their 4 championships. He also has stats to go with championships. Karl Malone has no championships and he played with the all time assists and steal leader. Pettit and Barkley were good but they won one ring combined.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The Big Fundamental is probably the GREATEST PF for this generation. He is in the top 5 Overall too!

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    Tim Duncan is known for his fundamental approach to the game of basketball. In a similar fashion to Kevin McHale from the 80's, Duncan has been able to dominate teams with his fundamental approach to the game of basketball. He's not physically imposing and he's not a great athlete but his ability to be a great thinker and executor of his fundamentals is what sets him apart from most NBA players in the history of the game. Tim Duncan's career numbers are staggering averaging 21.5ppg, 11.8reb, 3.2ast, 2.4blk on 50.8% shooting. Duncan peaked out at 25.5ppg, he has 5 seasons over 12reb per, and 10 seasons over 2blk per. Tim Duncan raises hes level of play in the playoffs averaging 23.4ppg, 12.7, 3.5ast on 50.1% shooting for his career in the playoffs so far. Duncan has 3 Finals MVP's and 2 league MVP's in his trophy case.

    Answer: legacy wise, yes

    Source(s): bruceblitz.proboards.com
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    i say maybe even though tim Duncan is not the best outside which dirk is he does give you a easy 20points 10 rebounds hes a solid player im not sure if he is the best pf to play the game

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    Yes,he is

    He's the best and most franchise PF of all time.He's a terrific post scorer,rebounder and blocker with a lot of IQ.He's the most franchise because since he's on his team,they have 70% winning procent


    -4x NBA Champ

    -3x Finals MVP

    -2x MVP

    -His Finals perfomances in 2003 were very great but underrated from people.

    22,1 ppg,17,5 rpg,5,6 bpg

    Note:The Biggest Crime is for Timmy Not winning a DPOY award

    #1 Blazers fan

    Source(s): The other Power Forwards aren't even close to his great skills and success. HM for -KG -Bob Petit,Elyn Hayes -Charles Barkley -Dirk Nowitzki Timmy is the Best Power Forward of All Time
  • luigi
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    1 decade ago

    Best PF of the generation, but not ever. I think the best ever would be Karl Malone or Larry Bird. However, Duncan is still very good

  • 1 decade ago

    Definitly top 5 if not number 1 hes one of the most fundamentaly skilled players to ever play

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