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What kind of education is needed to become an Art Teacher? (preferably in a school system)?

Becoming an art teacher is something I've always dreamed about doing and am starting to seriously consider taking the steps necessary to become one. I have a real talent for art and would love to help others with their potential. But I'm really confused on what sort of education would be the best to do. Art school and getting a Bachelor's in Fine Arts? Or a liberal arts college and getting certified as a teacher? or both? I'm having a hard time finding the answer so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    You can either do a BFA in Fine Arts (as long as, I imagine, it's in visual or studio art) or a BA in Art. You still do have to take coursework or do a graduate degree to become certified.

    I went to a liberal arts school, and art majors had a major in art, but then also had a teaching option attached to it. Essentially this was a second major in which you would do all the education coursework and student teaching to become certified, but also all the coursework and requirements to receive an art degree. This varies from school to school and state to state.

    However, if you want to go to art school, you can certainly do that, but you won't be certified as a teacher when you graduate. You will have to do a Master's of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree to get your certification.

    If you live in California, the process is different. I've been told (my girlfriend is a California native) that you major in whatever you want for your BA (in your case, fine art/art) and then do a one-year postgraduate credential program to become certified.

    Whatever you do, do not major in design or art history. It's fine to take courses in these areas, but you cannot become a certified art teacher with these degrees.

    Source(s): I recently became a certified teacher, and I have friends who were art/teaching option students in college.
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    A love of art isn't enough to become an art teacher. You encourage children to reach their artistic potential. You must have patience and withhold judgment. Art class is often a bright spot in a talented child's school day. The road to teaching art isn't the same for everyone, but you can still achieve success.

    Find a college that offers a degree in art education. Otherwise, study art history, fine arts or design along with education. The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education has a list of accredited schools by state on its website.

    Step 3Observe how art teachers engage their students in the classroom. Pay attention to how they create their curriculum, encourage students and make them appreciate different techniques.

    Step 4Check with the Department of Education in your state for what you need to get your teaching certificate. Consider getting a certificate from the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS), which may get you a salary raise and allow you to teach in multiple states.

    Step 5Complete an internship where you'll teach art under the supervision of an experienced teacher. Try out all three grade school levels to see which suits your temperament before deciding where you want to teach.

    Step 6Volunteer to teach art in a hospital, prison, nursing home, museum or with an art education organization. You get valuable experience while contributing to your community.

    Step 7Learn about disciplining students. You'll be miserable as an art teacher unless you find strategies to keep peace and maintain control in the classroom.

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    Tips & Warnings

    Make art class a fun and empowering experience because it's about self-expression.Art teachers who can't manage student behavior don't last beyond a few years.Consider working in hospitals, prisons and nursing homes if you get burned out from school teaching.

    Also remember that when the school district is running out of money - the arts and music program are the first to go. It's a shame- but it is true.

    Source(s): ALways check EHOW. com This site will always tell you what you can do.
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