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About 2 years ago someone tried to offer me something they called "blues"? What is it?

About 2 years ago someone tried to offer me something they called "blues"?

Yeah, these two people with these messed up faces came up to me and othered me something they called "blues", they had this blue dust powder thing in this plastic wrapping in there hand, i obviously said no, but i didn't freak out or run away becuase they'd probably beat me up, so i walked off calmly, and once i crossed a corner i phoned the police.

Turned out they were caught. I was just wondering what drugs "blues" are, like a say they had a messed up appearance, they were like 18 and one of them looked 80, they acted wierd as well. When we both parted, he said **** you, then he put his thumbs up and smiled and i was like WTF! and yeah i don't take drugs...

So yeah what drug is Blues?

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    'blues' were originally known to intravenous drug users as azure-colored instant-release 10 mg oxymorphone, manufactured by ENDO. These were rightly considered the holy grail of pharmaceutical opiates before being discontinued due to problems with black market diversion and robberies. Many users ranked them more euphoric than heroin. They are cited in many works of fiction, notably Drugstore Cowboy.

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