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Please rate/comment on these names?


Alexis Paige

Zoey Nichole

Peyton Marie

Leah Kennedy

Elizabeth Kay

Cassandra May

Madeline Faith

Brooklyn Michelle


William Tyler

Alexander Scott

Bennett James

Connor Matthew

Shawn Joseph

Jared Blake

Grant Jonathan

Evan Michael

What do you guys think?

Thanks! Much appreciated!

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    Alexis Paige - I don't like it at all. Both names are unisex, and this name doesn't seem very feminine to me. I also don't like the names very much in general (1/10)

    Zoey Nichole - Like Zoey, but it's very common. Nichole is okay, but also very common in the middle name spot (5/10)

    Peyton Marie - This name is alright, but quite bland. Marie is often used as a middle name, and i'm not a very big fan of Peyton. (4/10)

    Leah Kennedy - Love Leah, hate Kennedy.. Kennedy seems too masculine to be used on a girl. (5/10)

    Elizabeth Kay - Elizabeth is a classic. I love it. I also like the whole combination. (6.5-7/10)

    Cassandra May LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Two of my fave names right here! (10/10)

    Madeline Faith - Again, I adore it! Love Madeline, not too keen on Faith, though the name flows nicely together (8/10)

    Brooklyn Michelle - I don't like Brooklyn as a name in general on a boy or a girl, but I love Michelle! (6/10)


    William Tyler - Love it! Again, two of my favorite names have been used. (10/10)

    Alexander Scott - Love this combo. (9.5/10)

    Bennett James - Love it. I like Bennett, instead of the more commonly used Benjamin. James is a classic. (9/10)

    Connor Matthew - Awesome name choice. I love both names (9.5/10)

    Shawn Joseph - Nice name, I like Shawn a lot. (8/10)

    Jared Blake - I don't really like this name. I have never been a fan of either Jared or Blake. (4/10)

    Grant Jonathan - I like this name, but I think it would flow more nicely as Jonathan Grant (7/10)

    Evan Michael - This seems like a very common name to me. Michael is so popular, and I don't really like the sound of Evan (6/10)

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    On a scale of one to ten:


    Alexis Paige--8

    Zoey Nichole--6

    Peyton Marie--4

    Leah Kennedy--2

    Elizabeth Kay--6

    Cassandra May--6

    Madeline Faith--8

    Brooklyn Michelle--7


    William Tyler--6

    Alexander Scott--5

    Bennett James--9

    Connor Matthew--8

    Shawn Joseph--7

    Jared Blake--6

    Grant Jonathan--7

    Evan Michael--5

    Source(s): personal preference :)
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    Alexis Paige - 8 love it

    Zoey Nichole- 7 i like Nichole but not Zoey it sounds like a dog sorry

    Peyton Marie- 2 ew no i hate Peyton but i love Marie

    Leah Kennedy- 8 cute

    Elizabeth Kay- 8 cute

    Cassandra May- 10 love it!

    Madeline Faith- 9 love it

    Brooklyn Michelle- 9 very pretty


    William Tyler- 10 love this

    Alexander Scott- 10 love this

    Bennett James- 7 not a fan of Bennett but i love James

    Connor Matthew- 10 love this!

    Shawn Joseph- 9 nice

    Jared Blake- 9 nice

    Grant Jonathan- 9 nice strong name

    Evan Michael- 10 great!

    I love Connor Matthew and Madeline Faith :)

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    Rated, 1 being worst and 10 being best.

    Alexis Paige - 4

    Zoey Nichole - 2

    Peyton Marie - 2

    Leah Kennedy - 2

    Elizabeth Kay - 7

    Cassandra May - 9

    Madeline Faith - 3

    Brooklyn Michelle - 5

    William Tyler - 5

    Alexander Scott - 5

    Bennett James - 2

    Connor Matthew - 3

    Shawn Joseph - 2

    Jared Blake - 6

    Grant Jonathan - 3

    Evan Michael - 8

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    Alexis Paige -- 7

    Zoey Nichole -- Ditch the y and I give it a 6, otherwise a 4

    Peyton Marie -- 8

    Leah Kennedy -- 6

    Elizabeth Kay -- 5 (love Elizabeth, hate Kay)

    Cassandra May -- 6

    Madeline Faith -- 8

    Brooklyn Michelle -- 3


    William Tyler -- 10

    Alexander Scott -- 10

    Bennett James -- 4

    Connor Matthew -- 8

    Shawn Joseph -- 7

    Jared Blake -- 5

    Grant Jonathan -- 3

    Evan Michael -- 5

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    Alexis Paige - I don't like it. Love Alexis, but not Paige.

    Zoey Nichole - Like it, but I prefer Nicole.

    Peyton Marie - Like it.

    Leah Kennedy - Not crazy about the Kennedy, but Leah's nice.

    Elizabeth Kay - Nice, but it's already an author's name.

    Cassandra May - I don't like May.

    Madeline Faith - Nice.

    Brooklyn Michelle- I don't like it.


    William Tyler - I prefer Tyler William.

    Alexander Scott - Nice.

    Bennett James - Nice.

    Connor Matthew - Don't like it at all. Maybe Matthew Connor?

    Shawn Joseph - I like it.

    Jared Blake - I think you need a name with two syllables or more to follow Jared.

    Grant Jonathan - I like it.

    Evan Michael - I don't like the Michael part.

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    Oh my goodness, these names are marvelous.


    My very favorites are;

    Zoey Nicole

    Cassandra May

    Brooklyn Michelle

    for the girls;

    Jared Blake

    Grant Jonathan

    Connor Matthew

    for the boys;

    Kudos for the rad baby names.

    You did a very fine job.


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    Alexis Paige----------Its ok..Sounds "average"...6

    Zoey Nichole---------I like it...7

    Peyton Marie--------Cute!... 8

    Leah Kennedy-------No!....4

    Elizabeth Kay-------Dont like middle name...6

    Cassandra May----Love!...8

    Madeline's OKAY..not great tho!...6

    Brooklyn Michelle-Eh...Im not sure!...6 1/2


    William Tyler--------No..5

    Alexander Scott---Call him Alex...8

    Bennett James----No! No! No!....5

    Connor Matthew--Cute...8

    Shawn Joseph-----Spell it Sean..or Shaun!..7

    Jared Blake---------Eh..Ok!...6

    Grant Jonathan----Not sure...6 1/2

    Evan Michael-------Don't like it...5

    Source(s): Great variety!! :D good luck!
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