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Anyone using an ACP program for certification having any luck finding a teaching job in the Houston area?

My husband and I are relocating to the Houston area, and have both completed our ACP program and are actively looking for jobs. We have applied to virtually every job in the greater Houston area that we can find posted, and also went to the huge Region 4 job fair last month. We haven't received one single phone call between the two of us from any of these schools, so I'm starting to wonder what the actual feasibility is with getting jobs for the fall. Anyone having any luck, and if so, have any advice??

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    I went through the ACP program- however it was a number of years back. At that time there was less resistance to the ACP program.

    I am not going to say that you will not get a job. But I am going to be honest and tell you that many districts are shying away from ACP applicants in favor of teachers that have all of their credentials.

    Now if you have both completed the program, and have passed your ExCets, you will probably have an easier time finding employment. Also, if your certification is in one of the most badly needed areas- such as bilingual, math, or science, you will have a better chance.

    The deadline for teacher resignations was on the 7th of July. So there is a good possibility that you might be hearing something soon, as principals scramble to fill last minute vacancies.

    My other advice to you is to beat the pavement. Go to the district office and check in with them. Go to some schools that you are interested in and bring along your resume. If you have had some teaching experience and you have pictures make a small portfolio to sell yourself to the schools.

    Also- in a worst case scenario- check with the districts and see what you need to do to be put on their substitute teacher list. That way you can earn some money while you wait for a vacancy. It will also allow the principals to get to know you and your teaching style, so that when something comes available they will think of you.

    Source(s): 15+ years of teaching in the RGV and Houston areas.
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