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Will Andy Roddick ever win another grand slam?

Especially with Federer always in his way? I really want him to and he came so close yesterday but do you think it will ever happen?

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    Only if he can beat Federer. Both are of same age and both will retire pretty much at the same time. Roddick might play Federer again in the US open where Federer will most probably beat him again.

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    I'm 100% positive that he will win another Grand Slam. He's still got a good few years left in him. This year I thought Andy Murray was definitely the most improved player but Andy Roddick has proved that he is. He has a fantastic coach and he can only improve; he's been playing some amazing tennis and, more importantly, his consistency is admirable. His fans and his wife are 100% behind him and I'm sure he's learned a thing or two from that epic match.

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    (in my humble couch coach opinion)... I don't think Andy Roddick will ever win another Grand Slam title. Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of his and have been since he turned pro. But I just don't think he as complete a game as other male tennis players on the circuit today. True, he has got a wicked serve, but there is more to tennis than just that. Its been frustrating to see his tennis weaknesses exposed and exploited time after time on the court. His latest defeat to Warwinka was especially tough to watch. I waited for a boost lifting rally from Andy that never came to fruition. I would like to say that Warwinka had a good game but that would not give the due credit he deserves, he was just plain great, my hats off to him. Not to mention the fact that it would let Andy Roddick off the hook for playing so poorly, physically and mentally. I saw many shots that just went by Roddick that many other players would have gone after...even if the attempt failed, the effort would have been made. Shame on Roddick, he threw in the towel and it definitely showed. Man up Roddick, the alarm on retirement is about to ring and you NEED to step it up. Please prove me wrong and walk away from tennis with at least one more title.

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    I agree with Dr. D about Goran. Ivanisevic went to the finals three times and lost each time, then won as a wildcard in 2001.

    For Roddick, the 2009 wimbledon final is hope for him in the future. He has shown the potential to win more slams, and he is no longer a one trick pony anymore. He's worked so hard for his second grand slam, shouldn't he deserve one?

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    I hope you mean (grand slam) event.

    Even Federer hasn't won the slam in a year yet.

    I reckon Roddick will win 1 out of the next 3.

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    I would love to see him win Wimbledon one day. Just like Goran. He really deserves it. Part of me was actually hoping he'd pull it off on Sunday gone, even though I'm a Federer fan. Federer's shameful display during the trophy ceremony made me sorry he won. I really hope Roddick can win it.

    As long as he remembers that Federer is getting older and losing his touch, he can beat him. Federer's return of serve is gone. That will be a big issue for the rest of Federer's career. Roddick just has to keep doing what he has been doing over hte past few months.

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    i think that it will, he made Federer work for that 15th grand slam, Roddick has improved so much over the past few months, and i think that he can win another slam, with the way hes playing i feel that he has the chance to move up in ranking to maybe the 3rd player in the world :)

    Source(s): just my opinion :)
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    Even If he maintains the way he played Sunday, there's sill going to be a heck of a lot of great young players in his way, not to mention Federer. I really hope he does though.

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    Yea he can, iam sure he will win one or two more GS

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    If he keeps playing like this, he definitely will.

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