Where can I find Security devices for my house?

I need two higher quality cameras, set to go off when IR beams are crossed with either 1 or a series of pictures. That relay the pictures to either a computer or hard drive. Also a small motion activated GPS that would hide inside of a safe and activate if the safe is moved, and only when moved. I need all the materials for the project, any suggestions?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Why not check out Guard Your Place. Guard Your Place is a new High-tech Internet Video Monitoring company. It is going to spread across the country like wildfire. You can watch your security camera from anywhere there is an internet connection. This is for Home, Business and Municipal.

    If you think of the endless possibilities for this, it is mind bending. Watch over your property and see who's at your front door with a motion sensor usb camera. Instantly, a picture comes up on your computer screen. Watch and see your children get home ok. Monitor their play area. Keep a watch on elderly parents, day cares can offer this so parents can check on their children, farmers and ranchers can keep an eye on their livestock, businesses can monitor their stores, factories & warehouses from anywhere there is Internet access. Police dashboard camera's can record activity and send images to central monitoring stations so back up can be sent. The possibilities are endless.

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