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Russian Children's sites?

Are there any Russian children's resources I can use to improve my Russian? My Russian is fairly basic so I can't go on adult sites yet. The BBC facilitates children's things so there must be some Russian ones. Dora the explorer kind of thing...

5 star rating to anyone who can give me some useful sites!

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    I'm an American who has lived in Russia several years while learning Russian and working. From your question I understand that you are thinking if you can get Russian children's material the vocabulary will be simpler to understand. Well, surprise!

    I had thought the same thing! So I went to bookstores in two Russian cities and bought a dozen assorted children's books - the kind 1st and 2nd graders would read, i.e., very colorful picture books with short text dialogs of what the pictures of animals or children were saying. But I was shocked. I couldn't read hardly any of them. There exists poetic word forms and unique word endings that make up the vocabulary usually used for children's books, and you won't learn this vocabulary in most student 'beginner' or 'intermediate' language teaching textbooks. Although I can read just about all beginner and intermediate Russian texts, children's books still give me trouble!

    That being said, I do understand what you really want. And the best thing you can do is to visit beginner's websites or buy introductory Russian Language teaching software, and start building your Russian vocabulary. So instead of looking for "children's" resources, look for "beginners" resources.

    The absolute most fun program that takes you from knowing nothing and all the way through beginner levels is "Rosetta Stone". There are only two drawbacks to this program:

    (1) It is expensive

    (2) It does not focus strongly on grammatical rules. But you might see this as a 'plus' because it teaches you how to speak and understand in exactly the same way that children learn. I bought Rosetta Stone volume 1, and it has about 3,500 pictures with a native speaker teaching words (first) and phrases (second) and complete sentences (third) about all of these pictures. It is fun! So I also bought Rosetta Stone Russian volume 2. (Now the product has been redefined as three volumes instead of the two I purchased).

    There is a website "LiveMocha" that teaches in a way similar to Rosetta Stone, and it is free. You need a fast internet connection. I've been evaluating it, and it does have some 'bugs', but the part that works is really fun.

    There is another software package that is very good, called "Transparent Language". It teaches not at all like Rosetta Stone, but by using Russian texts - first very simple texts.

    I have this program too. It costs about $60.

    I have one other program which is quite good. It is "Golden Russian". It has a very nice way of teaching you 11,000 words with many pictures (mostly nouns). It costs about $50.

    Finally, you can watch a russian culture TV channel called "MIR". It is similar to PBS (Public Broadcasting Station) in the United States. MIR is all in Russian, and sometimes they have things for children especially in the mornings or right after school when Russian children are likely to be watching (Moscow time). A lot of their movies are old black-and-white movie 'classics', and some of them are very nice too. To use the link, just copy and paste it into the address window of your browser. On my computer, MIR plays in my Window's Media Player.


    There is a Russian business channel (SME TV) which sometimes I like:


    If you have any other questions, you may email me.

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    вы можете купить букварь или просто детские книги на русском языке,смотреть телевидение на русском,в моём доме всегда был журнал Англия,который выходит ежемесячно благодаря BBC на русском, Dora The Explorer... выходит на всех языках..я просто уверена!

    BBC facilitates all the programs and books in Russian,as i wrote above, -- in my home...i always had a very special edition of "England" every month in Russian of course...thanks to BBC,you can watch cable TV in Russian or at least on youtube(¡¡always!)...too many things,including just for children!

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