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Which company treats their fans better WWE or TNA?

Personally, I have been to many WWE, WCW and TNA shows. I can say that hands down TNA treats their fans better. At house shows they give away about 10 backstage passes to fans. When the show is over they bring the talent out to the ring and let the fans meet and get pictures with the stars and get autographs with them. You can even get in the TNA ring and get your picture taken with KURT ANGLE. or STING. At pay per views TNA President and CEO Dixie Carter comes out with the TNA world Championship belt and walks around the arena and personally thanks fans for supporting TNA and even lets them hold the belt and get their picture taken with it.

And if you join run any of the TNAtion colonys for TNA you get all kinds of perks. Free tickets to events, backstage passes, free shirts and free stuff. You get to work with TNA and they really go all out to take care of you.

TNA also has fan interaction at most Pay per views where you can buy a specia package that gets you ring side seats, backstage passes, AND you get to stay in the same hotel with all the TNA talent for 3 days. How cool is that?

TNA truly goes above and beyond for their fans.


So tell me WWE fans does the WWE bring their talent out to the ring to meet all the fans at every house show to get pictures and sign autographs? Do they allow you to get in the WWE ring and get a picture with Taker, HBK or Jericho? Does Vince McMahon come out into the stands and personalll thank the fans for coming and take pictures with them and allow them to hold the WWE championship? Does WWE give out backstage passes to fans at every event??? The answer to that is NO. NO the WWE does not do that. I have been to over 30 WWE shows and they have NEVER lifted a figure to even come close to what TNA does.

The more and more I read WWE fans statements, the more and more it becomes obvious that your are all idless drones that would tune into to a WWE show if all they had was a hot steaming pile of crap melting away in the center of the ring. YOu are the same people that most likely POPPED when maye young gave birth to a RUBBER HAND.

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    wwe duh.. tna just copies everything wwe does.

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    I don't like WWE but since it is the only show in town, I do have to say them. Every year, they fly major stars into areas where the war is progressing, and stage a week worth of things for the troops. Look to the Make A Wish foundation. Behind the scenes, management makes certain the wrestlers are spending huge amounts of time with young children. Including such things as accomedations for whole families while the kids go to a RAW or major PPV show. Do you see those things really brought to the limelight in media? They are mentioned on the Web site, but never to my knowledge has any of the kids seemed milked for publicity.

    Soldiers on way to shows get upgraded constantly. Ringside is a choice spot to see someone in uniform.

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    this is why i cross the line every thursday night bro.

    Tna may not be the biggest or the richest company, but they now how to make their fans happy


    TNA copies WWE and The wwe never copies Tna right?

    So The hell in the cell ppv is not a lockdown ripoff ?

    & Michelle Mccool doesn't use the styles clash or the angel wings?

    The Backlash match with the legacy vs batista, Triple h & shane where if the legacy wins orton becomes champion

    Wasn't ripped off from the frontline vs main event mafia match that if the frontline won aj styles would be champion?

    The wwe has been copying other promotions before Tna even existed. Ever hear of d-generation X? hmm... the group founded in 1997 one year after the Nwo was created.

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    I totally agree with you. I was at a TNA house show last month and they treated the fans great. I have no idea about WWE house shows. I doubt they would ever come here. The arena is too small for them. WCW held it's only house of the month in December of 2000. It was a good show.

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    that depends on the fans how they feel at the show we're all different what you may think is good i may think is bad lol

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    WWE. They treat me well with the matches and storylines they have.

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