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My cat keeps pooping outside litter box?

Recently, I discovered that my 4-month old kitten had pooped in the living room. He's never done this before, so I thought maybe it was just an accident. I cleaned it with Nature's Miracle, according to the directions on the bottle. Obviously it didn't work, since he pooped in the same spot again two days later. I took him to the vet and nothing is medically wrong with him. There also has been no change in diet, routine, etc. He's neutered and I keep his litterbox totally clean.

What do I do? My husband's never had a pet before, and is losing patience.

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    Need to keep the box clean,cats are fussy and will not go in a dirty box ,you also need to have at least a 3 inch layer of litter ,scoop out waste every other day to keep the box clean and fresh and put odors at bay ,clange litter at least twice a week

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    When a cat starts peeing or pooping out of the litter box, a vet trip is always in order. This could be something like Urinary Tract Infection or something else. But, if she is pooping next to the box, and peeing, I suspect the box is not big enough. Invest in a bigger box, or even a large storage rubbermade storage container. That should be big enough for her. I always buy the biggest litterbox I can find. Many times, the standard boxes are too small.

  • If you have your litter box near the cat's food, he won't want to use it there. Cats don't poop in the same area they eat in. A little kitten doesn't mind, since they poop and eat in the same place, but as he grows, his instincts will tell him it is wrong.

    Also, some cats don't like certain kinds of litter... too grainy or too powdery for their taste, etc. You could try different litters.

    Also, if the litter box is huge and the kitten is tiny he might have trouble climbing in.... the same for a tiny box and a big cat... trouble.

    Meanwhile, next time you clean the rug and it is all dry, try playing with the kitten in that spot. Once he associates that spot with playing, he might not poop there any more.. Of course, if there is something he doesn't like about his litter box, he might just find a new place to poopl

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Book: Psycho Kitty by Pam Johnson-Bennet and 50 years of cat owning experience of my own
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    Being single and living with four cats,I do not have the credentials to

    be a marriage counselor however.... Go to your local pet

    store and get Kitten Attract.This has an enzyme that lures cats into

    the litter box

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    My cat kept doing this too, but she pooped on our laundry (clean or dirty - didn't matter), blankets, floor, anywhere she felt like it. Vet said my cat is fine too (medically) she gave me some stuff that looks like catnip but they don't eat it, you add it to the litter in the litter box and it is supposed to attract them to the litter box when they need to go. I think it works - at least with my cat. Also, my vet said that they do this to mark their territory. I totally understand the frustration involved, and we need to remind ourselves not to punish the cats when they do this...try changing the kind of litter you use and ask your vet about "cat attract" or "litter attract" I'm not 100% sure what it is called....the stuff you add to their litter. Good Luck!!

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    sometimes cats do this for attention, once my cat pooped right in the middle of my bed!!!! under the covers aswell lol, she kept doing this in my bags and under my bed, I used lemon or any type of citrus to keep her away cats often don't like that smell so maybe try that, and maybe giving him a bit more attention, another question has he been neutered? some cats do this as a way of marking to the opposite sex were their territory is so that females can find them, I hope this has some how helped. :D


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    well, my cat is 14 and had the same problem about a year ago, what we did is put litter boxes in different places in the house. that way he would always be reminded where he need to go and also so it is easier for him to do so.

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    give ur kitty a lil spritz of water when it poops outside the catbox, and, if the catbox is close to its food, move the catbox. thats the thing cats hate the most. good luck to you and ur kitty =(^.^)=

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