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Who has the most to benefit from a Swine flu pandemic?

Swine flu ---- is actually a combination flu -

Bird Swine and human flu all accidentally merged in a modern zoonosis miracle the like not seen since the very first sky scrappers to fall due to a plane hitting and subsequent fires 8 yrs ago in New York

An Australian suggested that it might have been a lab accident but the news has never covered that angle again since so many corporate scientists and their lawyers said it was impossible

Who benefits the most or at all from a pandemic --- or just a pandemic scare ?

Could it be the only company out there that has a vaccine ready right now before any of the competition had even heard of Swine flu ?

Do they still use mercury as a preservative in the vaccine shots or have they stop doing that yet ?


Tamiflu resistant H1N1 from Hong Kong more worrying than earlier findings

Who Owns the Rights on Tamiflu: Rumsfeld To Profit From Bird Flu Hoax

by Michel Chossudovsky

Donald Rumsfeld & Aspartame Scandal

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Update 2:


That is the story that every corporate lawyer representing the very clients with the most to gain from a pandemic and they and the main stream media are sticking to it

You have the same opinion as the elites who told you it was a mutation ..... is repitition now independent thought ? The media said so good enough for you is it?

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  • DAR
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    Big pharma companies. Note that while swine flu is very mild (if very contagious) it is not being treated like all other flu strains that show up during an annual period - which is to say it is not being added into the 'cocktail' vaccine for flu created each year. Instead it will be a separate vaccination, perhaps TWO seperate vaccinations, and is being purchased on an emergency 'no bid basis' (that should be a red flag wherever it occurs, medicine, military, whatever.)

    There will be at least two vaccines needed this year to be coverd for flu, perhaps three.

    Big pharma rakes in huge profits.

    I don't think they use mercury any more, but it might depend on where the vaccine is manufactured. Also, some safeguards were being relaxed for swine flu vaccine because it is 'so urgent'.

    In the '70s the swine flu killed two people, the mandatory vaccine killed 25 and MANY were seriously impacted by side effects of the vaccine.

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    Fortunately, as with most media-hyped fears, the swine flu “pandemic” will be short lived. In the meantime, traders will have their hands full picking the speculative winners from the losers. So far, the stocks investing are trading the most are no big surprise. Just as they do every time the word flu creeps into a headline, shares of Novavax (NASDAQ:NVAX) are soaring today. Investors lucky enough to be holding shares last week, are now sitting on shares worth 150% more than they were trading for on Friday. Options traders are making plans for retirement as their positions soar multifold. But even after this morning’s surge, shares have to more than triple in value to reach the peak levels of the bird-flu scare in 2006. You can view that as more upside potential, or look at it the way I do and realize the gains will not be long-lived.

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    I agree with Brian B. The H1N1, which will have a resurgence in the fall and affect millions, will open the door for more International controls which will pave the way to loss of sovereignty. This, together with 'Climate Change' (another manufactured crisis) will give unlimited powers to the WHO, the IMF, and other foreign regulators. Not to mention the possibilities of Martial Law in the US during the ensuing panic. Like Brian said, it's just the beginning.

  • 1 decade ago

    Obama Administration and the Liberal Congress which follows him like his puppy dog won't( the dog has a lot more sense then to follow so blindly when on the edge of the precipice).

    All this (Swine Flu) was is an exercise to distract and detract.

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  • Anonymous
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    Everyone! We all get to die.

    And the Pharmaceutical Companies that get to fix it, a la Unoversal health Care.

    Swine Flu still exists?

    Source(s): Dont Feed the Talking Heads, a.k.a. The man! They control EVERYTHING!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
  • tobcol
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    1 decade ago

    The media benefits the most. Perpetual news story that never ends, "In today's news XXXXX people died of the swine flu today, George Bush at fault".

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The two viruses that first met on that fateful night must be well chuffed by now for a kick off!

  • Anonymous
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    The Pharmaceutical companies, doctors, hospitals and clinics

  • Val
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    Pharmaceutical companies.

  • 1 decade ago

    Pharma firms. They will benefit no matter what...there will always be flu. They don't need to conspire.

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