Are interracial couples in South Africa tolerated and what are the general views on kissing in public?

My boyfriend and I are going to South Africa for a month. We are staying in Cape Town, Hermanus, Gansbaai, Oudtshoorn, Nelspruit, Kruger Park, East London and Durban.

We are an interracial couple. He is Irish and I am of South Asian descent. We currently live in a liberal city, where no one would even turn their head at an interracial couple. Here, hand-holding and pecks on the lips in public, are widely accepted.

We were just wondering what the general cultural views are in South Africa. In the interest of our own personal education, we wish to know if in South Africa-- a country with a history of polarized races--there is stigma with interracial couples? Is hand-holding and public kissing frowned upon in certain areas?

Any help -- especially from residents -- would be greatly appreciated. :)

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    I cannot see that as a problem. You may find cuddling and kissing in certain areas will be frowned upon specially in areas where the people are predominantly Afrikaans.

    But generally most people are used to seeing interracial couples , gotten used to it after the initial shock wore off and just take it in their stride . Enjoy the South-Coast area of Durban that is where i am from and you will be treated with respect there.

    Enjoy your visit, lucky fishes.:)

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    I hope that hand-holding and public kissing would not be treated any differently whether you're interracial or not, but of course any answer can only be a generalisation.

    I live in Cape Town and travel frequently to major centres where I've never seen interracial couples being frowned upon. If anything I would say that they (you) may be an attraction, especially in rural areas.

    I honestly believe that the vast majority of South Africans (including significant numbers of those who would have previously been called extreme) have embraced Mandela's vision of a new South Africa, the rainbow nation.

    I hope that on your visit you are pleasantly surprised by people who embrace you and your boyfriend with welcoming arms.

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    I have also been dicking around with a lot of South East Asian women and love them dearly, so is that interracial since I am of a different descent. I love Malaysian/Indonesian Philippine women and have close friends amongst them, also knowing their families.

    In certain areas, if you two are extreme white with black or viceversa there will be a lot of underlying stares.

    Hey to each his own and thank God both my parents were of the same ethnic origin...Yeah mama!

    Oh kissing, well come'on that you really should do as your own affection in private, don't be an exhibitionist. Holding hands and interlocking arms goes for every country and nobody will be offended. . .What do you think you are at Disneyland?

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    Being part of a "mixed race" (mixed with what) couple I don't see a lot of it in Cape Town. That doesn't mean I don't see any as I know of five "mixed race" couples in my social circle alone. It's just not as prevalent as what some thought it would be. An increase in interracial couple would be an indicator in part of a more accepting society, one that harbours less prejudice, as most people choose partners based on race, religion, nationality and other such factors. However, from a personal perspective, what has worked for my fiancé and I is not that we share the same likes and dislikes, faith, race, culture, language etc. but the fact that we share a core set of values. Granted these are some way affected by faith, race, culture and nationality etc. but in both our cases we made choices about our values and what they would be apart from those cultural factors. We both don't believe in the race argument; our faith is based on alternate and truer explanations of what we practice, recognising that many of today's great faiths like Christianity, Islam, Judaism et al, have been "hijacked" by modernist legalistic scholars who use it to further various extremist causes and deviate from the true message taught by the originator of the faith; nor do we follow cultural tradition, we are both from vastly different cultural backgrounds; neither on likes or dislikes as these change all the time. Our overriding values are based on respect and love for humanity as a whole, not a small aspect thereof, or one nation and a desire to do anything possible to make the lives of all people around us regardless of race, nationality, culture better.

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    A couple of years ago they tried to stop school kids from kissing,but of course they did it all the more.

    I have met a few Irishmen in SA that have partners of colour.How people treat you will depend on how you conduct yourselves,don,t come here behaving like ground breaking missionaries because you are not that important.

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    Interracial relationships have become fairly common, and most people would no bat an eyelid. Some older and more conservative people might look at you strangely but for the most part nobody would even notice.

    Holding hands and maybe a quick peck here and there would be fine, but anything any more raunchy might not be appropriate.

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    Getting excited about mixed couples is way past its sell-by date. Don't worry about it.

    Kissing in public - well that depends on what you mean by kissing. Tongue gymnastics would probably attract unwanted attention, but simple occasional kisses won't generally raise eyebrows. Just use good sense to judge the place and occasion.

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    Well people here have sort of relaxed about inter racial couples now, obviously during the apartheid regime it was frowned upon. Now you shouldn't have a problem. The older people here in S.A might frown upon it but they wont let it be knowen, even if they think it. Besides if you are in love with one another, who really cares what they think?

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    Interacial couples by be looked at funny sometimes, but white/ asian will be far less noticable that white/ black which is almost non existant in SA.

    South AFricans are relatively conservative, but the signs of affecting you mentioned would be fine.

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    Not a problem at all. Doubt anyone will even raise an eyebrow, especially with your being of South Asian descent. Sure you two are going to have a great time...enjoy.

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