Best mode of transport to Petco Park, SD?

What is the best way to travel from Shelter Island (San Diego), CA to Petco Park? Is there public transportation or a water taxi available? We will be visiting without a car and need to know the best options - based on time and money saving! Thanks.

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  • Joe C
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    The quickest way is to use the trolley.

    Take Bus Route 28 - Old Town via Rosecrans St to the Old Town Transit Center. Catch the trolley to Petco Park.

    If you're going to a Padre game, they run special "Red Line" service before an after each game. It goes directly from Old Town to the Petco Park. If not, you take the Blue Line to AMERICA PLAZA STATION and transfer to the Orange Line to the Petco / Gaslamp Quarter. Alternately you can stay on the Blue Line for a longer trip that leaves you 2 blocks from Petco at 12th St.

    The link below is a trip planner for San Diego Transit. Put in the address and it will give you specifics. Choose Petco Park / Gaslamp District as your destination.

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