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Why dont messianic jews just admit they are Jews and not christians for just beleiving in christ?

it is not possible to be half christian.

christians do not believe in the jewsis things. jews killed our christ and economy.

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    Some of us DO "admit" we are Jews, because we are! Other Messianic believers don't because they aren't Jews, they are Messianic believers who are Torah-observant and not Christians.

    If you've noticed, we've had a lot of slurrs against us in this forum regarding calling ourselves Jews. Other Jews claim we aren't Jews because we follow the Jewish Messiah, yet those same "Jews" claim it's ok to not even believe in God, or believe in MANY Gods and still be a Jew. Go figure.

    I am a simple Jewish woman who loves the Messiah. Period. I ADMIT IT!

    Blessings and shalom,


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    No, it is not anti-semitism for a very simple reason - Messianic Jews are not considered to be Jews by every other Jewish branch. Most of them were never Jews to begin with and you can't call yourself Jewish just because you want to... Why is Judaism the only religion that people think that they can define it for us? What if I decided to become a non-Messianic Christian - how would that be?

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    Most do admit it but a lot of them are afraid of the persecution that they are going to be on the receiving end of if they go out and tell their friends and family. As far as that Jews killing Christ stuff is concerned its not right to be saying that kind of stuff.

    Thinking bad thoughts can make you go bald headed. There are plenty of examples of that going on all the time.

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    Oh my, u obviously have nothing better to do with 4 children & all.

    Messianic Jews are Jews & Jews are Jews, so thats it. Born of a Jewish mother makes one a Jew & believing in Messiah Y'shua a Jew

    does not stop a Messianic Jew from being a Jew.

    Jews in particular did not kill Messiah, a few select people in the

    Sanhedrin handed Him over to the Romans, so those were the ones

    who were implicitly involved in His killing. The whole world however by

    their sin killed Him, including U & me & all of us.

    The economy is in the hands of the politicians. Sorry for us.

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  • I think you like this question really I do.

    Finally a question that has the people supporting equal rights for Messianic Jews and those that are against them tongue tied.

    As we know from previous answers here on Yahoo there are basically two kinds of Jews, Messianic Jews and Non Messianic Jews.

    Everybody can see that Messianic Judaism is a religion and that they are Jewish. The problem is some Non Messianic Jews insist in defining Messianic Judaism as a form of Christianity. Messianic Jews insist that they are STILL Jews. It's not the other way around. Non-Messianic Jews will tell you that only Jews get to decide who Jews are. In the same breath they are happy to inform you who Christians are. In this way they say they get to define all religions or at least Christianity yet and at the same time Christians don't have a right to decide who Christians are.

    We don't believe that Messianic Jews are necessarily Christians.

    People calling themselves Messianic Jews are as diverse in beliefs and practices as Non Messianic Jews or even Christians, so it’s hard to pin down universal beliefs that some here insist that they have.

    Everybody knows how a person becomes a Jew "officially". A Jew is someone that was born of a Jewish mother or converts to Judaism. Once a person is a Jew they are always a Jew. There is one exception for some people belief that Jesus is the Messiah.

    Jews will tell you that Messianic Jews have joined another religion and that they stop being Jews at the moment of joining. At the same time you have Jews practicing Paganism, becoming Buddhists and joining the Unitarian Church and they will say that they are still Jews. Yet you will never see any complaints about that.

    All of these religions have a very different understanding of who God is but they will tell you that belief in Jesus invalidate a persons Jewishness because they have a different understanding of who God is.

    They will accept the Pagan Buddhist and Unitarian influences on Jewish practice but not from Jesus. Some will even admit that Jesus just taught traditional Judaism but wasn't anything special even though he taught others that he was the Messiah.

    Jews will admit that Christianity started out as a sect of Judaism and that Jesus and all the apostles were Jews. They will also tell you that Jews that are trying to live that life are not Jews. So you know that all the rules are being bent for this one group. It’s just a matter of prejudice.

    Some people will say Jews can go around proclaiming that a hybridization of Judaism and Paganism is OK but belief that Yeshua is the Messiah is not. As one JPA member said "we've become one big new religion.";_ylt=AlQzv...

    What does Scripture say about this?

    Deuteronomy 18:9 When thou art come into the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not learn to do after the abominations of those nations. Lest thou learn his ways, and get a snare to thy soul?

    Exodus 23:32 Thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor with their gods.

    Jeremiah 10:2 Thus saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen ...

    Please no more "Jews Killed Christ" thing and the other economic parasite nonsense. It's disgusting. I say let Jews be Jews, what ever kind they are and lets keep it real here.


    Fellow Clowns remember the saying "whom the Gods wish to destroy they first drive insane". Let them embrace their beliefs to hasten their future.

    They bully us constantly, if we complain they call us antisemites and say we started it. Always a bait and switch always they do to us and claim we are doing it to them. Then as more and more people get disgusted they claim it's only one person that disagrees with them with many accounts. They say they have a right to denigrate others and we have no right to object. The subject of their denigration must submit and obey. No right to believe as you wish no right of free speech. Enough is enough!

    Marcuss: Your Hair? I hope you are all right! You can find the answer to your question in my answer if you read it and go to all the links.

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    First: Jews killed Jesus and our economy?? on what planet is this even remotely Biblical? Jesus dies willingly in order to become the perfect , spotless lamb, the blood sacrifice for our sins- everyone that sinned had a part in the nails that were driven in the hands of Yeshua.

    The economy- our greedy government and lack of restraint has killed our economy (and most of those in our government claim to be Christian) so do with that what you will. . .

    Second, what Jewish 'things' are you talking about? If you mean the laws and feasts ordained by God, tell me where in the Bible it says that these are "Jewish things" and what Christian does not believe in them? Most Christians do not practice them because they errantly believe they were for salvation and Jesus came and changed that- again, not Biblical. these "Jewish things" you speak of are not Jewish at all, but God ordained- they were practiced and followed to the letter by Jesus and were set in place to give us a pattern, instruction, a standard for the way to live to keep ourselves healthy, protected and prosperous- one should not follow them to be saved but because they are saved by the blood of Yeshua.

    Messianic Jews are not half Christian- they DO NOT mix paganism with God's word and call it holy as do the modern Christians, they DO NOTthrow out God's laws saying we are free from law only to set in place and hold over the heads of others their own laws and standards as do modern Christians.

    Messianic Jews are simply Jewish people who have come to understand that Jesus/ Yeshua is the messiah promised from the very beginnings of creation- they continue to follow the ordinances and observe the feasts set forth by the same God who promised and the same God who sent the Messiah, Jesus- they have not turned away from God or His commands.

    It is Christians who say they follow Christ but take a different path, a path of paganism and lawlessness that God did not ordain, a path that Jesus did not walk. . . it is modern Christianity that we should be concerned is misrepresenting itself- you cannot 'follow someone if you refuse to walk where they walked'

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    I'm going to clown around with your question. You seem to have a knack for stirring up the masses. I wish that it was in a positive form. I have seen this question posted before and would not comment. Now that you have made it a point to do it again,, well I have to say, "you are a religious bigot and have no other purpose but to insult God's people. You OK with that? Or is that what you are trying to do?

    Edit to the JPA's out there who insist that us clowns are of one user with multiple accounts. If you had 1/2 an ounce of savvy, you could check our ISP's and discover that we are coast to coast and many points in between.

    Source(s): Cher, I just happened to notice your answer. If I'm not mistaken, wasn't it the Sanhedrin, that had Him brought before the Romans? Knowing He would be crucified? That's OK because He was rejected, He was bruised for our transgressions and by His stripes we are healed. Hallelujah!!! He died for your sins, my sins and all of mankind's sins. Can you wrap your head around that one? "Clowns - someone did have savy - that's why we know you are one user." That would be savvy with 2 "v's" and no you and someone, did not. Again, if you did you would know that we are the people who stand against religious intolerance and for true religious tolerance. OH! L@@K who's back! It's marcusss with 3 s's. You got violated and removed from the question, yet here you are again with the same old same old. Talk about sour grapes, you're as bitter as they come. * * marcusssss, I just could not help but notice your avatar has less hair. Are you so frustrated, that you pulled it all out?
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    I pray for your precious Jayden to come to knowledge of the real truth, and for freedom from your insanity. I also pray for you to come out of the bondage that you're in to the lies of satan.

    I can't believe you had the gall to post this twice!!

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    ***Why dont messianic jews just admit they are Jews***

    We do

    ***christians do not believe in the jewsis things***

    Yes and no.

    Many churches celebrate Passover everytime they celebrate the Last Supper. They simply have reduced a 2 to 6 hour meal to a crumb matzah and a drop grape juice. Instead of using the meal as an opportunity to teach their faith, they have reduced it to something that "Christians do" but don't know why because they have been taught so little about the Passover.

    However, when you say, ***jews killed our christ***, this statement simply doesn't line up the the scriptural account. Luke 9 clearly states that Jesus deliberately headed to Jerusalem and no one can read Jn 13-16 and conclude Jesus didn't know what was about to occur.

    To say "Jews" and not the former senators who now serve as president and VP, and current and former members of congress are not responsible for the economy is not to know the constitution. As the VP freely admitted, he (a member of the senate for 30 years) and the president (who probably has spent more time serving as president than he did as a senator) had no idea what they were talking about during this last election.

    They currently admit that forcing the congress to pass a bill that spent more that the US had spent in their history up to now without reading it or a debate, was also a mistake. But they want to say that the congress (who had a lower approval rating than the last president) had no responsibility in the economy even though the economy and the running of the country is the job of congress and not the president.

    What you didn't include in your rant were the immediate changes in Judaism between 70 - 135 AD. This period in Jewish history greatly influenced modern Rabbinic Judaism.

    Please investigate the Talmud and the different views on it. According to

    ***ng with that written text of the Torah, G-d gave Moses an oral explanation. We can thus speak of two Torahs - the Written Torah and the Oral Torah....

    The Oral Torah was originally meant to be transmitted by word of mouth. It was relayed from teacher to student in such a way so that if the student had any questions he would be able to ask and thus avoid ambiguity. A written text, however, no matter how perfect, is always subject to misinterpretation. Furthermore, the Oral Torah was meant to cover the infinitude of cases which would arise in the course of time. It could never have been written in its entirety. G-d therefore gave Moses a set of rules through which the Torah could be applied to every possible case. [Kaplan, 9:8-9]***

    And so if the oral tradition existed (scriptures never refer to 2 Torah) then the writing of them starting in 90 AD was out of fear that God would no longer preserve the oral Torah as He did through previous conquests.

    Therefore, the previous problems of why Moses didn't write them down exists today because they are written. They are the same as described above:

    1. ***A written text, however, no matter how perfect, is always subject to misinterpretation.***

    2. ***Furthermore, the Oral Torah was meant to cover the infinitude of cases which would arise in the course of time. It could never have been written in its entirety.***

    And so what separates Messianic Judaism from non-Messianic Judaism / Rabbinic Judaism are 1. The NT vs the Talmud

    2. The Spirit of God working in believers vs the Spirit of God will come when there is:

    A. peace on earth

    B. diseases cured.

    C. Etc.

    Hope this helps


    Marcuss says, ***I could resort to setting up multiple accounts too like Devoted and Suckels***

    Marcuss says: ***DSM--any claim that I have made that can not be proven pales in comparison to your absurd claims, which can be and have been proved false

    Please do risk breaking a nail and do what you very rarely do....prove your point with something of substance instead of your opinion. Educate us instead of demanding we follow you by blind faith.

    Marcuss: ***for trivializing the Holocaust*** My family liberated the Jews in the camps. It is you that ignore that what my family did was what your family could not do for themselves. Why is that?

    You also think that there was only one Holocaust as if the word didn't exist prior to 1940. You trivialize the brutality of Japan's unit 731, Stalin, Nero, and others. None of these should be taken lightly either.

    Cher says: ***Well, Jews had the name long before Messanic believers tried to steal it***

    We share Abraham, Moses, and the original manuscripts. How can we steal what is already ours?

    Marcuss speaks out of line and out of ignorance when he says: ***You prefer to minimize the Holocaust by reserving the term "Holocaust" with a capital "H" for the persecution and murder of early Christians some 2,000 years ago. That alone is sufficient proof that you are not the Jew you claim to be as no Jew on earth would use the term "Holocaust" that way.***

    Mathematically, there is roughly 40 years from God personally resurrecting Jesus from the dead with no outside influences and murders for entertainment or being burned to death to light Nero's cocktail party is to demean our history. To suggest that of the thousands of Jews recorded in the NT who followed Jesus where rejected by the Romans is absurd.

    I do not minimize the Holocaust by saying that my family made major sacrifices to defeat Hitler and free the camps. In fact, I find it difficult how you fail to have the highest praise for all those who fought Hitler and freed those in the camps.

    Should you think that those fighting Hitler didn't recognize what Hitler was doing soon enough or respond fast enough, then one has to apply this idea to all those living at that time to be fair....something you never what to do. Why is that?


    Marcuss, the king of the "do as I say and not as I do", says, ***First, I see you have trouble following what people say. It has everything to do with the way you characterize the persecution and murder of early Christians as "the Holocaust".***

    You are the one that put a THE in front of the Christian Holocaust...not me. I did say

    "You (Marcus) also think that there was only one Holocaust as if the word didn't exist prior to 1940. You trivialize the brutality of Japan's unit 731, Stalin, Nero, and others."

    Marcuss, the king of double standards, says, ***Finally, your continued demonization of the victims of the Holocaust because they were murdered.***

    So, do you admit that there was no blame to placed on anyone for the rise of Axis power?... as no one, including

    1. the hundreds of thousands of Americans and Chineses who Japan's unit 731 conducted experiments and disected without anestea

    2. the 10 to 12 million Russians murdered by Stalin

    would choose to die this way.

    Or are you suggesting only Rabbinic Jews dying at the hands of the Germans were the only tragedy of WWII or through out all of history?

    Or does everyone share the blame for allowing these events to make up our shared history?

    MAKE UP YOUR MIND. Then practice the tolerance, justice, and attention to detail you would have me do as this would make life simpler by eliminating most of what you write.

    Source(s): Converted Messianic Jew
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    "jews killed our christ and economy."

    I just lost the last grain of respect for you I had managed to hang onto for so long. Too bad.

    Jesus must be so proud of you right now.

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