How can I use another wireless router to connect my printer wirelessly to my network?

I have an existing wireless network in my home. I also have an old linksys WRT54GS router. I want to use that router to connect my HP 2570 to that wireless network so I can print wirelessly. I know how to set up the printer, but I need help configuring the router and where to get the software needed.

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    There is a couple of ways you can do this. You can go the easy but expensive route by purchasing a print server for the printer. These go from $30.00 up to $100.00, depending on the model. A cheap but decent printer server offered by Dlink;

    You can also connect the printer to the router that is already on the network, and share it out that way. Lastly, you can use that existing router as a bridge, by disabling the dhcp scope on it and setting it up for bridge mode. Then you could get a DCHP range from the existing router sent to the bridge and from there to the printer.

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    Keith D Mitchell, Server Engineer,

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    The easiest thing to do is connect the printer to your existing router with ethernet. You can then use it as a network printer.

    If you want to connect wirelessly using an old WRT54GS, you will have to change the firmware in the router if you want to use it as a "client" connection. You can use DD-WRT . Once the unit has been updated with the firmware you can then use it as a wireless bridge.

    It would be better just to get a wireless print server for the printer, but the updated firmware on the router will allow it to work. You will have to setup the bridge first, then connect the printer, then run the "network setup" for the printer driver.

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    The HP 2570 needs the HP Wireless upgrade kit. If you have that you just need to connect the wireless to the existing router.

    You can also buy a printer server that allows you to plug wired or wireless to the existing router. These are everywhere computer supplies are sold.

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    For a wireless Printer, you need a Network Printer Service, and a Network spooler. Not just a Jack point.

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    you dont need any software besides the printer software installed on all computers you will be printing from. when you set up the network it should ask if you want to connect to internet or to file sharing. of course the file sharing should get you set up to print from any computer on your network.

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