i want my husband to love me more ,talk me more ,he good man in lot ways but in 2 big ways that need him he not there for me.

i feel left out cold at night,,my husband go work come home get on computer,

say hi give me kiss me after i come in here and tell nice see you to how was your day. i feel if my husband dose not love me sometimes ? the love life is good when it there ,, now he just stay in the bedroom on computer on game, and when try come in bedroom and love on him he push me away,, i ask is him is he mad at me what wrong and said nothing am just try play the game,,, he get home at 12.00pm dont get off game till 10:30 -11:00pm so i start to think my self maybe i should start play with him do something together, but don't work! am being more and more sad about this i work from home ,,, i don't clean up a lot like i use to think he see something was going on he don't care i just sleep a lot more now to point where so sad i sleep all day.or i don't go sleep! and he don't care he just keep playing games. if i need do something for me i have get fight with him to get to do it. so we fight all day, my husband the shy type and play games a lot like the wii game or computer game. i know he not cheating he dose not leave the house,, and i know not online talk woman also i make sure of that! he play this online game all time!!!! and sick of it i have be sick or hurt for him to pay some type addition to me, like the other day i had go ER and he took me,, the hold time almost he was on the psp game, he make me hate coming home when i go off to do **** for work or go store get something for the house or go get food , then he want me cook for him ? i ask him dose he want just move out and end this ,, then get mad thinking am with someone other man,,, am not all i want my sweet loving man back! he 25 and am 18 we own a home ,and have no kids , i need help with this i try it all pleas help ,, I BEEN UP SINCE YESTERDAY MORNING AND I NEED KNOW WHAT DO NOW I CANT SLEEP B/C AM THINKING ABOUT TO MUCH,, how do i leave the man that help me so much and love me so much before ,,i cook i clean and still be make money and bring it in the house ,,, he dose go work , ,he good that, but i am still feeling alone , , he don't show me the sweet side but once in blue moon ???

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Im quite speechless. He seems totally self-centered.

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    1 decade ago

    18 is very young to be married, im 18 too and i couldnt imagine being married although ive been with my boyfriend for 4 years and we are discussing moving in together.

    i think when you have been together a long time it is a different type of love, i love my boyfriend with all my heart but its different to when we first go together you know? and somtimes my boyfriend forgets that i need loving attention somtimes but i remind him and everythings perfect. i think what you need to do is turn that bloody computer off and tell him exactly how your feeling, your only young you cant live the rest of your life unhappy like this. tell him that you love him but you dont feel he loves you back, you need attention, love, kisses, cuddles. you probably feel more like his friend or his keeper then his lover and i know exactly what you mean. give him an ultimatum, its either you or this damn game, youv tried to reason with him and hes just not getting it so you have to make him choose because your miserable, he must see this? and if he truley loves you he will understand and choose you, good luck x

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  • 1 decade ago

    Maybe he has some one else! Tell him you are going to leave and see what he does. Maybe he'll change if he thinks you are leaving him. If not, he has another love in his life.

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