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I'm going to Calicut for 4 days trip.?

I have several questions:

1- How expensive is there, Accomodation in 5 stars hotel, transportation and food? any recommended 5 stars hotel?delicious food?

2- shall i check if the restaurant is serving HALAL food, or all restaurants are abiding with islamic regulations?

3- Can i ask for food containing beef, or it is not allowed?

4- What are the best places to visit?

5- Are there major rules i should abide with?

Thanks in Advance

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    Welcome to Calicut...

    1) Only star hotel available is the TAJ , there are many other hotels like fortune.and others..Can look them up in the Internet where the tariff is lesser and good stay. Transportation U can book a taxi.. or Autos.. they go by meter..and wont cheat you as in other places ( own experience).

    The recommended Hotels are.. albeit they are a bit crowded.

    1) Top Form _ best biriyani in calicut

    2) Sagar

    3) Paragon - Good Food and nice ambeince go to the first floor ac

    4) Zains for good Muslim food...

    5)Bombay Hotel

    6) Albake for some Arabian stuff like shawarmas...

    except paragon all are Muslim run hotels so all food will be Halal.: ) and as the Muslim population is Huge I think most Hotels Serve Halal food

    yes you can ask for food containing beef. most hotel do have beef.

    Beaches-Kozhikode, Beypore

    Museums- Pazhassirajah,Krishna Menon Waterfalls-Thusharagiri

    Religious stuctures-Jama-at-palli,Tali Temple

    Sanctuary - Kadalundi Bird Sanctury , Mananjira sqare.. a day trip to wayanad.. and see the making of Uru ( ship made with wood ) if you are lucky in beypore

    better check with your hotel they might help u better.

    nothin Major..just respect the local people. and have fun...:) enjoy your stay .

    Do check out the Calicut Halwa from Sweet meat street.

    and calicut chips ( you can try the shop just Opp PAragon Hotel )

    got more to ask mail me.. martyraym@yahoo.com

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    Paragon Hotel Calicut Phone Number

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    Hi Tiger,

    If you want to go Calicut then there will no 5 star hotels but near it you can find.. I have found website in which there is two hotels list in calicut..which have nice accommodation and fine food and it also provides tour....

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