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Do trains have bosoms?

Do trains have bosoms?

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    They are referred to as women at times but I have been on lots of trains since I started and I would have to say . . . . . no.

    Not only no but HELL no!!

    Nothing soft and comforting about a train.

    edit to Bob: ohhgawd yeah, you reminded me of a story, 30 years ago, Red Hanley and I were on a local waiting to get into a yard, held out while the switch crew was working (switching out a cribbage board probably) and he commented "It's a switchman's railroad" 3 railroads in 4 states and 30 years later it's as true as ever.

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    Yup. See number six below.

    bos·om [bzzəm, bzəm]

    n (plural bos·oms)

    1. somebody's chest: the chest of a man or woman

    2. woman's breasts: the breasts of a woman

    3. woman's breast: either of the breasts of a woman (dated)

    4. clothing covering breasts: the part of a garment that covers a woman's breasts

    5. protective place: a familiar source of protection, security, or affection (literary)

    6. seat of emotion: the place where emotions are felt

    Ask any rail and they'll tell you that trains are going "**** up" all the time, bringing on anger and frustration, the latter felt mostly when trying to get into or out of a yard, a place surrounded by a high fence, inhabited and run by a tribe of hostiles who refuse to let any trains enter or depart...

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    Hmmm, as a self confessed Train fetish guy i would have to say no, the don't have bosoms. BUT they do have some bomb-a s s titties!

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    In some trains, the horn makes "Boosoooooommmm"

    Or you're talking about some sexual fantasy?

    Maybe you're thinking your d.i.c.k. is in the same size as a train (I know mine is)...

    I can't understand you.

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    yes and when u see two of them let me know lol

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