employment in manila for a british friend?


I have a friend who wants to work in manila or makati and he's from Manchester. He would like to move out here because his last visit just made him realize how easier life is here. He's asking me to try and look for jobs that can be available for him. he currently works in debt management and collections in the UK (call center setting) as an operations manager. he handles teams.

are there jobs available for him out here?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    A. Hrd Employment Consultant

    B. Industrial Personnel And Management Services

    C. Grace Park International Inc. - www.dpointernational.com -

    D. Lifeline International Philippines, www.workabroad.

    E. Lpn Manpower Services, Incorporated - www.lpnphilippines.com.

    FJoblane International Manpower Services, Incorporated - www.interactiveplusonline.com - +63 2 404 0575 - More

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