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Who is the best PF in NBA?

base on the past season, who is the best PF in NBA?

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    If is about which PF has had the best career then it's in this order:

    -Tim Duncan(He will go down as the best and most fracnhise PF of all time.4x Champion,3x Finals MVP,2x MVP and etc

    -KG:He's the best rebounding and defensive PF of all time.He's 1x NBA Champ,1x DPOY,4x leader in rebounding(2003-2007) and etc

    -Dirk Nowitzki:He's the best shooting big man and most skilled PF of all time.He will wi

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    Hey you have the exact name and it's spelled the same way but any ways

    The best PF right now is Tim Duncan he is great with the fundamentals

    GREAT on anything for A PF has some mid-range shots he's pure talented.

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    Based on career , TIM DUNCAN , no doubt, he is the best PF all time.

    based on last season, I think Dirk did pretty well and he deserved to be the best PF last season. i liked his performance in playoffs too .

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    Tim Duncan

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    Since this is based on the past season, I would say Pau Gasol. My Kobe Bryant wouldn't win his fourth championship if not for this guy. Oh! I wish Ricky Rubio would play for the Lakers under the tutelage of Fisher, Kobe, and Gasol.

    But, if you ask me who is the best PF of all-time, it would either be Tim Duncan or Karl Malone. Duncan because he is the main reason why the Spurs have won 4 championships. Malone because, well, he is the "Mailman". You wouldn't go wrong with these two.

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    Amar'e Stoudemire

    Last season was a bad one for Stat, he had injuries and coaching and system transitions no to mention new teamates and trade rumors.

    07-08 Stats" 25.5ppg 9.1rpg 2.1bg 1.5apg

    He's one of the best finishers in the NBA and he can dunk on anybody and shoot midrange. His D is average but he's working on it.

    Source(s): Prince
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    If KG was not injured he maybe my bet as the Best PF in the NBA but since he was injured last year, I think Tim Duncan (even if getting older) is the Best PF in the NBA right now.

    G0t it? Go0d!!!

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    It's really a matter of opinion, so I'll give mine.

    Tim Duncan. Not only does he put up impressive stats, but he is a perfect asset to one of the most strategic and well-playing teams. He isn't only about staying in the post and getting easy lay-ups. His ability to shoot allows him to change things up a bit and leads to him being a bigger threat then some other power forwards in the game.

    KG is good too, but based on the past season he's been injured.

    Pau Gasol is an amazing player. He fits perfectly with the "New Laker" team and puts up impressive stats. He's clearly amazing and lead the Lakers to victory (right after Kobe of course).

    So yeah, those are my top 3. Duncan takes it all though.

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    Antawn Jamison

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    Tim Duncan

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