Was kelly rutherford an extra in the movie rent?

I was watching rent today, and during the scene where mark and joanne first meet and are doing the tango, i could have sworn that i saw kelly rutherford as one of the background dancers. But i could not be sure, and not knowing is annoying me. Anyone have an answer for me?

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    No, not according to this cast list:

    The original Broadway cast of Rent:

    Mark Cohen: Anthony Rapp*

    Roger Davis: Adam Pascal*

    Mimi Márquez: Daphne Rubin-Vega

    Tom Collins: Jesse L. Martin*

    Angel Dumott Schunard: Wilson Jermaine Heredia*

    Maureen Johnson: Idina Menzel*

    Joanne Jefferson: Fredi Walker

    Benjamin Coffin III: Taye Diggs*

    Notable Broadway replacements

    Rent has often included cast members that are well-known actors, actresses, and pop performers—but not for performing in stage musicals. Some of these, and other notable cast replacements, are:

    Mark - Joey Fatone, Neil Patrick Harris, Adam Rickett, Tony Vincent, Drew Lachey, Tucker Lawson, Adam Kantor

    Roger - Norbert Leo Butz, Richard H. Blake, Tony Vincent, Declan Bennett, Sebastian Arcelus, Will Chase, Heinz Winckler, and Erick Rubin

    Mimi - Melanie Brown, Tamyra Gray, Sharon Leal, Renee Goldsberry, Karen Mok, and Siobhan Donaghy, Lexi Lawson, Rosario Dawson**

    Tom Collins: Michael McElroy, and Anwar Robinson, Marcus Paul James

    Angel - Jose Llana, Jai Rodriguez, Wilson Cruz, and Justin Johnston, Telly Leung

    Maureen - Sherie Rene Scott, Denise Van Outen, Kendra Kassebaum, Jessie Wallace, Nicolette Hart and Eden Espinosa

    Joanne - Tracie Thoms*, Ramona Cole, Natalie Venetia Belcon, and Merle Dandridge

    (*)=The actor also portrayed this character in the 2005 film version. (**)=The actor only portrayed this character in the 2005 film version.

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