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我急需一篇 ( 伊索預言)的英文演講稿

拜託~ 幫個忙....


1. 要2分鐘(剛剛好) 2.要是一個 伊索預言 或故事 不要太長(我只有小4) 3. 文法和詞性不要錯



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    Content Outline: There is a cow about to be captured by the slaughter! But no matter how butcher to pull it, it refused to move forward, the farmer struggled to pull her, then the farmer led a small cow calf walking in front of her. She is willing to walking back of the calf without forcing her! Not very long, of course, she would be …..

    Lesson: The parents are the same around the world; they love their children with all their heart and even willing to sacrifice their lives for them. This fable has touched my heart a lot ... In short --- I think Aesop's Fables have brought far-reaching lesson into this short story. so I hope that everyone who heard this story will be good with their parents for good.


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