coolant tank steaming?

got a 1993 240sx, i was leaking a little bit of coolant a few days ago and have yet to refill it. today i was driving and when i pulled in my coolant tank was smoking and boiling. now o didnt drive but maybe 3 miles like that so i hope i have no major damage but could loss of coolant make it smoke? or could it be something else?

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    1 decade ago
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    The steaming would most likely come from the coolant dripping onto the engine. I would suggest you get that leak fixed quickly because a simple 30 minute fix could end up taking much longer than that. I just found that out with my car. I would also suggest you carry around a container of water or coolant with you in the car. and make sure to check the amount of fluid in the radiator before you leave to go anywhere to help judge how much fluid your loosing and help determine the size and severity of the leak.

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