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What if I don't know what career I want once I join the Air Force?

I am 22 years old and have been thinking of joining the U.S. Air Force for years, but had not really looked into it as much as this year. I met with a recruiter, but have not had luck getting answers out of her, she just had me take the practice ASVAB to see my score and sent me a study book. I may be wrong, but it seems she doesn't want to spend too much time with me since I, unfortunately, received a DUI in 2008 and am on probation. I know you need a waiver and I'm willing to take the steps necessary to join. . .Anyway, I have been doing my research online but have so many questions still. I am half way to receiving my associates degree. I have no idea what I should choose as a major. Do I have a chance to choose while I'm training? Do I have to know what career I want before joining? Should I complete my associates degree or join the air force first? I am not sure if after my 6 years of committment, if I would want to stay in the Air Force or go on with my life. What are the chances of me getting a great career out of the Air Force?

I appreciate everyone's time to answer my questions.

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    Hello there.

    OK. I am "for" you. And, I will tell you why. The purpose of probation is that it is a community based sentence so that you can show that you have rehabilitated yourself in society. If you are working successfully to complete your probation and following all the judge's rules and conditions on your probation orders then that is good. Don't slide back and get revoked and re-sentenced to something harsher.

    OK. Now, I know why your recruiter is not spending much time on you. Because she knows that while you are ON probation in your local jurisdiction the Air Force will not enlist you.

    You must complete your community based sentence of probation first. Then, when you owe NO money to the court for court costs, fines, DUI classes, fees, restitution, etc. then you are in a better position for enlistment.

    When I was a probation officer my department passed all request letters for folks wanting to enlist into the military to me because I retired from the Air Force after 27 years of service. The recruiters have a letter format that must be signed off on by the Probation Department or someone in the Court system. This letter tells why you were on probation and if you successfully completed your probation requirements as set down by the judge of the court.

    I would interview these folks and explain to them what the military services was requesting me to do. Also, you will have to sign release waivers so that we can submit this information to the military. Local recruiters in our area would come to see me with these releases and request our assistance for the waiver that they have to submit to higher command to authorize your enlistment.

    I would talk with your probation officer at your next visit and inform him/her about our desire to enlist into the Air Force. Show your probation officer that you are sincere and that you WILL complete all your probation requirements without getting revoked and re-sentenced.

    Don't give up. It is not all that bad. Of course, this means that you can never drink alcoholic beverages again. Otherwise, if you do while in the military and get a DUI I can advise you that you will be punished more harshly in the military than in civilian court. And, you will not be selected for reenlistment. Also, depending, you may even be discharged from the Air Force before your term is up.

    Remaining in the military is based on good conduct, excellent duty performance, adherence to Air Force Standards and Conduct, and having an Esprit de corps. If you are sincere you can adapt and overcome. Good Luck. Study that ASVAB book.

    Also, if you want more time... then, finish probation, go to community college, graduate, and then apply for enlistment into the Air Force. You may be 25 or 26 years old by then and you will have to adjust to being in basic training with many 18 - 19 year olds. But, it you are serious - it is worth it. Besides, it shows the Air Force that you have successfully rehabilitated yourself in the community. And, folks with an Associate Degree gain a promotion in grade upon graduation from basic training - if this is still being done.

    Actually, completing your A.A. degree can be your best shot. Major? For the 2 year degree Liberal Arts is a fine major. That is broad enough so that you have advanced knowledge that will help you in any Air Force specialty.

    If you are in Air Force training you will be placed where your ASVAB scores show that you have the aptitude to succeed in that career field. Go to Airforce.com and look at the jobs for enlisted people. Learn about them. Think about what appeals to you. The Air Force does not want to put you into a job you will fail at. The only way you can fail is if you do not study, don't to the homework, and don't put all your efforts into the job. After all, you ARE getting paid for learning. Don't let the taxpayers and yourself down.

    Check it out. And Good Luck.

    Larry Smith

    SMSgt, USAF (Ret.)

    First Sergeant

    Source(s): Previous military experience of 27 years and second retired career as a County Probation Officer.
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    You can try for a guaranteed job before joining, depending upon what you score on the ASVAB. But, because of your DUI more than likely you will have to fill out a request form at MEPS of 8 different jobs you would like to have in the Air Force. If you are lucky you may get one of the eight jobs on your request form. However, more than likely the Air Force will pick your job for you. If I were you I would try finishing your degree before joining and then go for a commission or try going into the ROTC program. The Air Force offers great career opportunities, probably more than any other service that apply to the civilian sector. It's up to you whether you want to go in now, try to get a waiver and enlist, or finish your degree, let the DUI go by the weigh side a little longer and join as an officer. The pay is much better and so is the respect. Good luck and I wish you the best.


    USAF AD 8 yrs

    Disabled Veteran

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    You will need to serve your DUI probation before they will allow you to enlist in the US Air Force. I think that you should try to take the actual ASVAB so that you know what you will be able to do careerwise in the Air Force. An associates degree will just increase your pay grade as a recruit (but a bachelors is required to go in as an office). With 75 credit hours you will be able to go in as an E-3 (enlisted pay grade 3). Usually after you take the ASVAB, they will sit you down and you will have to select 4 jobs that you are eligible for. If any jobs require special testing, they will not allow you to sign up for those jobs before completing the testing (this is one of the few instances where they will let you change your 4 choices). The Air Force seems very interesting to me and I think that after my 4 years of enlistment there is a good chance that I will continue to serve. Unfortunately, your DUI might prevent you from obtaining top secret or even secret security clearance, which would limit your job opportunities in the Air Force (but there are some that don't require clearance). Anyways, take the ASVAB to see where you stand first. You can visit this website, http://usmilitary.about.com/od/airforceenlistedjob... to find out about Air Force careers and their requirements. If you get the score and are interested in getting a job that requires a clearance, your recruiter would be able to tell you better than I would what your chances are of actually obtaining a clearance. An associates degree will not really help or hurt your chances, it will just succeed in getting you paid a little bit more when you get in.

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    I have been in the AF for almost 10 years now and I have been a Security Forces all that time but what I can tell is that anything in the Medical field will def be a good choice. Also, if you decide to join you will be deployed for as long as 9 months if not more. Depending on where you go. Before you make the commitment, I suggest you really search yourself. Now a days it has changed since I have joined. This is a big step for a lot of people. When I did I did, I knew that i was making a huge commitment. Good Luck in your choice.

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    oh wow..if i were you..i'd try to go as an officer instead of enlisted.

    but yeah...if you dont know what career u want and u enliste as open general, they will put you in any career where they need personnel. they will take you into a room, will give you a list where it list all the jobs you're qualified for, and will let you choose. most likelly they will put you in the one they need people.

    good luck though...recruiters can be difficult..i had the same problem with mine..but it was cus i was not a citizen. haha! =)

    keep pushing if you really want it.

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    If your on probation, you cannot enlist at all in any service.

    You cannot enlist even with a waiver , until your off probation.

    An associates degree means nothing in the military.

    It will get you an extra Stripe when you enlist, but that's all.

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