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can someone help me with this algebra?

solve for F

k=(pf) / (f+pt) what is f =


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    First step is to multiply both sides by (f+pt) to get: k(f+pt)=pf

    Next you want to multiply k to get: kf+kpt=pf

    Then you want to get all terms with f to one side by subtracting both sides by kf to get: kpt=pf-kf

    Now factor out f from the two terms on the right to get: kpt=f(p-k)

    Finally divide both sides by (p-k) to get your final answer of...


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    k = pf/(f + pt) (multiply both sides by (f + pt))

    k(f + pt) = pf (distribute k)

    kf + kpt = pf (subtract kf from both sides)

    kpt = pf - kf (factor out f on right side)

    kpt = f(p - k) (divide both sides by (p - k))

    kpt/(p - k) = f

    f = kpt/(p - k) <===ANSWER

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