Any Advice when it comes to buying a jetski?

Like which is better? A two stroke or a four stroke jetski? What are "red flags" that I should watch out for? Any info you have personally about buying a jetski is appreciated. thanks!


yes it will be used

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    Most newer jet skis are four strokes. Four strokes don't require you to bye oil to mix with the gas, they are much quieter, are less stinky, and emit less pollutants. However, two cycles do run at higher RPMs so one could argue they are faster, but other things affect speed (engine, impeller, ride plate, etc)

    Red flags? Are you talking about a used jet ski? I think most red flags would be obvious... boat leaking, doesn't run... etc...

    Also, be prepared to spend more than what you buy the jet ski for. They can be expensive to maintain.

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    Best to start with the workshop manual and do a full major service, the stuff you have done so far is good. the workshop manual will describe all other lubrication steps. Manuals are not free, sorry but they are copyright for at least 50 years under the Bern convention and any "free" downloads are generally full of malware etc. - and illegal. You may get away with not removing the carby to clean it properly, but it is probably just delaying the inevitable. Don't spray carby cleaner anywhere on a two stroke, it has zero lubrication and is very harsh on all moving parts thus washed clean of lubricant.... With luck there will not be significant corrosion issues internally due to being stored without being correctly prepared. Corrosion due to brackish/salty water and acidic exhaust products can be difficult to detect until a problem shows up, generally unless the machine was left in a bad way you may be lucky. Surface rust of cylinder bores, sticking of rings etc. are common when left dry for years, the residual lubricant in these areas is never supposed to last indefinitely, and certainly not for years. The engine will need initial lubrication as per the workshop manual and when re-started should be run in again as if new. This will remove corrosion and bed components in again so things don't get torn up and damaged further. The engine should be considered as worn somewhat by the storage, but with care should still perform for many hours yet! Avoid Ethanol fuels - even if it costs more, the use of premium fuel in Australia now is required to avoid many latent issues - it does not have any other advantage with a stock two stroke. Additional oil in fuel is not required or of any use unless the oil injection system has failed - even then the pre-mix fuel is not as good as the stock system.

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    Go with 4stroke.

    A lot of lakes around here are starting to ban the 2 strokes for enviro reasons.

    If you buy one that someone has sitting in their garage for the last few years and just decided to sell it cause they dont use it any longer - take straight to reputable boat mechanic and have profesional tune up, check carbs, etc.

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    Four strokes do not require you to mix gasoline and special oil. The 2 stroke is slightly faster because it has less friction.

    Source(s): Motor expert
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