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is there any K-12 schools or college in US, for international handicapped students?

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    Public k-12 schools in America are covered under the Individuals with Disabilties Education Act (IDEA). All school age students must recieve appropriate education from their local public school district, irrespective of cognitive and/or physical capabilities. These schools must always provide an apropriate individual education plan (IEP) to all students who were refered, tested and placed in a special education program. Otherwise the schools get in very serious legal trouble.

    All public colleges and universities are only required to admit otherwise qualified people with disabilities. And also unlike a k-12 public school, they only have to provide a reasonable accommodation. They do not have to modify the institution's/program's curriculum content as an accommodation. Since they do not admit all people within a general population, this allows the college to restrict enrollment of people with disabilities to certain types. And the admitted person with disabilities must self-advocate in the college environment---the staff does not/cannot identify you as needing accommodations, regardless of how much you need them

    Source(s): My own personal experiences as a person with a disability.
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