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Since WWE has recently stopped using several stars, and have brought in several new ones, and only use others to job, which of these superstars will be released in the near future, and who will keep there job?

(My guesses in parentheses)

Curt Hawkins (I think they are just gonna let his contract expire, which will be soon)

The Brian Kendrick (I still have hope for him, at this time last year, he was about to get a huge push, hopefully WWE Superstars can save his job)

Chavo (They'll keep him because of Eddie, but I'd like to see him jump to TNA)

Festus (He was popular, but unfortunately I see nothing for him except tag team wrestling, unless Festus became his full time manager)

Jamie Noble (That guy deserves better, I forsee a release soon, and then an X-Division or Tag team run in TNA)

Hornswogle (He's too popular to get rid of)

Charlie Hass (If they were gonna release him, they would've done it in the past two years, so he's a keeper)

Jesse (He's great, watch him in the indies and you'll see what I mean, but unfortunately, without Festus, there's no reason for him)

Jimmy Wang Yang (Like Hass, they would have done it by now, but I do see them letting his contract run out, shame)

Kung FUnaki (No, I don't know why but no)

Mike Knox (Garbage. WWE knows it too)

Ricky Ortiz (Why do they do what they do with him? He'll be gone in a few days)

Ezikiel Jackson (I liked him and Kendrick, WWE needs more managers)

Paul Burchil (Had his time wasted by WWE, deffinately a future TNA superstar)

Vladimir Kozlov (He's one of the better monster heels of the modern era, and a good fit for current ECW)

Helms (They wasted a lot of time on him, considering they don't do anything, shame though, he's a great talent)

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  • Ric F
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    all the people wwe would be retarded to release:

    helms, yang, haas, jamie noble, chavo, kendrick, and hawkins. i see talent and these guys and if wwe would give them a chance they could make it.

    all the people wwe should keep for now:

    ezekial jackson, kozlov, hornswoggle, and festus. these four guys guys might have potential but they need to have more matches to show it off. i say give em more matches and c how it goes.

    all the people (out of the list) that definitely need to go:

    paul burchill, ricky ortiz, mike knox, and jesse. these for guys suck and should be released.

    word to the wise

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