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What are some jobs that have access to classified information and/or government secrets?

Some examples I can think of are President and higher levels of organizations like FBI and CIA. What are some other jobs that would give a person access to national secrets that the public doesn't know about?

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    I can think of quite a few.

    Many currently-serving members of the military (in all branches and at all levels) would have such access. The obvious ones would be fighter pilots and submarine commanders but it can even include a flight attendant on Air Force One, for example.

    Some members of Congress do, particularly those who sit on the Intelligence Sub-Committee.

    High-ranking officials within the Department of Homeland Security, Capitol Police and the Secret Service.

    Local law enforcement authorities will also receive classified national security briefs if it pertains to them. This has become more the case since 9/11.

    Some members of the White House staff, e.g. the president's closest aides, members of his Cabinet and even his personal secretary. If you've ever seen the film 'Thirteen Days', you'll see Evelyn Lincoln (JFK's personal secretary) present and taking notes at most of the closed-door meetings when all that sensitive information was being discussed.

    Even some civilians who work for a defense contractor (like McDonnel Douglas or Raytheon) or federal employees who work at Los Alamos.

    Also, the scope of "classified information" is much more broad than you may think.

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