If god creates us and plans our lives is'nt it his falt were sent to hell?

He created atheist and pagans and homosexuals so why are they going to hell from something they can't controll if its true he created us and had our lives planned be for we were born then he made us that way so isn't he just creating his own problems.Also if god created man kind couldn't we all do that 2 and who created god because if no one created god doesn't that prove the Atheist something from nothing therie

again not meant to offend i was just wondering.I love all religions btw and everyone i just want other opinions and thoughts on this


well like i said no need to get all sassy its just a question u atleast i'm not posting all of the "well can u athiest explain this" questions i'm just asking ur opinin i will respect if u disagree but some of u don't need to be so rude

Update 2:

oh by the way i have read the bible and if ur christain i find nothing wrong with that.I think that its giid that u have chosen that path so plz don't talk to me like i'm some ind of saitinest because i'm nt i'm accualy a good person who dose good things just with a diffrent opinion

Update 3:

i'm not srry typo

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    Hey there. :) These are great questions, and ones a lot of people ask themselves... and you are very right in asking it. I can see how it can be confusing.

    First off, let me clarify something: God does NOT plan our futures. Sure, he created us, and yes, he knows what is going to happen, but that doesn't mean he plans it all out. For example, if you were my daughter, and I happened to know your entire future, that doesn't mean I'd like that future to be yours. I wouldn't want bad things A, B, or C to happen to you. However, that doesn't mean I can't know about them happening.

    Also, yes, we have complete control over our lives. It is YOU who makes YOUR decisions. There are always people along the way who will give you advice, or ask you to do something you shouldn't do, but everything you do is always of your doing. You are in control, and though God knows what choices you are going to make, it doesn't change the fact it is you that are making them. I can't stress this enough: you are doing everything you do! It's all you! God isn't controlling you. Sure, he COULD if he wanted to, but he isn't, and won't.

    "Isn't he just creating his own problems?"

    No. Allow me to paraphrase a conversation Einstein once had with one of his teachers in a philosophy class. The teacher was arguing against God, while Einstein was arguing for him.

    Einstein: Professor, does heat exist?

    Teacher: Yes.

    Einstein: Does cold?

    Teacher: Yes.

    Einstein: Wrong! Cold is just the absence of heat. Coldness doesn't exist... only heat does. Coldness is simply the result of small amounts of heat. Tell me, does light exist?

    Teacher: Yes.

    Einstein: Does darkness exist?

    Teacher: Of course.

    Einstein: No! Darkness is the absence of light. Darkness itself doesn't exist... it's just what we perceive when light is not around us. Does goodness exist in the world, professor?

    Teacher: Yes, it does.

    Einstein: Does evil?

    Teacher: Well... yes, yes it does.

    Einstein: No! Evil is just the absence of goodness. When God created everything, he didn't create evil. He created goodness. Evil is just the absence of goodness.

    God did not make his own problems. He only made good things. However, that doesn't mean bad things don't happen. Bad things DO happen, and evil DOES exist... it's just the absence of goodness.

    If I drew a picture of a nice, happy family, and then someone drew devil horns on everyone, would that mean I made a bad picture? No. It would just mean that someone else messed it up. Now, what if that person who drew the horns was my son? Am I evil for being the father of a child that ruined my artwork? No. It was HIS choice, and HIS action. Not mine.

    The same thing with God. He didn't make evil.

    Now, you may be asking, then why didn't God make us incapable of making bad choices? Sure, he could have... but wouldn't that be taking away our free will? I think so.

    If I built a robot that could only do good things, would it have its own will? No... it would be doing what it was programmed to do: good things. It would be enslaved by its programming. God didn't want to limit us; he wanted us to be free in the world he created for us. Because of that, we have the capability to do both good things AND bad things.

    God did nothing wrong, nor did he force anything upon us. It was all our doing. Every single bad thing in the world is because of us, and our bad choices. No human is perfect.


    Lastly, your final question. It's a bit off topic, haha, and it's very hard to answer, but if you think about it, it makes at least a little sense.

    No one created God. He was just always there.

    Now, that sounds crazy... it really does. I know. It sounds crazy to me, and I've been Christian my whole life. It's a crazy concept. The way I see it though, before God created everything, there was nothing. God created time, gravity, mass, energy... everything. Before time, there was nothing. In fact, there wasn't a "before time"... because how could something come before if there wasn't a timescale to base it on?

    In other words, God existed before time was created... so he was just always there. Before time, nothing could have been happening. However, as God has infinite power, and he created time itself, he was capable of existing outside his own physics. No one created God, and he didn't create himself. He was just... always there.

    Sounds crazy to me too, haha, but hey, if we could understand God completely, wouldn't we be just as powerful as him? I don't think we are, so it only makes sense that it doesn't make sense... if that makes any sense at all.

    This is one of the problems with the atheist idea of the universe's creation. According to atheists, the universe just created itself. However, how? It can't have been there before time, because according to science, time has always existed. However, how could it have always existed? If it always existed, there must be a beginning that starts it. However, there could be no

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    1 decade ago

    Well most theists will probably try and wriggle out of it by rattling on about free will and it not really being up to God, however the development of the universe and humanity is a chaotic event, so even small changes in the initial creation would greatly change the end product. Thus God must have knowningly chosen for these people to live and go to hell. Ergo, God cannot be both omniscient and benevolent.

  • Katie
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    1 decade ago

    God does not plan out lives. He does not "create" atheist pagans and homosexuals, he doesn't even create Christians.

    God is all knowing, so He does know what we will choose, but he does not choose it for us.

    "Also if god created man kind couldn't we all do that 2"

    um... let me know when you create an entire world.

    And no one knows who or what created god, Just as no one knows who made the particals that supposedly created the "Big Bang". Nothing can be traced completely back, because in our minds everything must have a beginning.

  • 1 decade ago

    First i want to state everyone has their own opinions. This one's mine. No, it's not Gods fault we're sent to hell. True he created us but that doesn't mean he created the road we walk on. So far no one really knows if god was created or appeared, just a sort of "thing" that controls the threads of how things work.

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  • 1 decade ago

    He originally created man to be very good. However, we fell into sin and now have that nature in us..that sin nature. In fact those who are without Christ...are dead in sin. Not physically but spiritually dead. Those who get born again have two natures, the sinful one and their spirits are quickened.

    Those who aren't in Christ or aren't saved...are slaves to sin. They cannot help but sin..even if they don't want to. That doesn't mean Christians are perfect...but we have help so we can do our best to avoid sin through His help...but we still fall...but those without Christ have no help.

    If God were created, He would cease to be God.

    God ultimately knows who will choose Him...but we don't. Sometimes it is tempting to think that cause one doesn't believe now...one never will...but we don't know that.

  • 1 decade ago

    God created Adam. All the rest of us are born from him. He made a dumb choice and most people make the same mistake today. He says that we reap what WE sow. YOU are sowing the seeds of your future right now.We sow in word and actions.You can take and believe the words of life in the promises in the bible, or you can believe whatever makes you " feel" good right now. Adam blamed God for his mistake." The woman you gave me gave me to eat". It did not work for Adam and it will not work for you.

  • 1 decade ago

    Atheists, pagans and homosexuals are not made that way by God. These are a clear choice by the individual. It is not as if you were aware of your choices when you were born. Who we are is a product of our life experience, and nothing more. Those who have not chosen God have made just one more mistake. Be well.

  • 1 decade ago

    And you spoke the truth!

    We are to abide in the Spirit (Gal 5:22) which is one of "self-control". We have been given the power of freedom of choice. One CHOOSES which side of the fence one is to live. With Christ or not with Christ. He did create us for the better life and it is up to each one of us to choose that which we shall do.

    The Bible is clear. You can either walk in the flesh (Gal 5:19) or you can walk in the Spirit.

    Chose this day - whom you will serve.

  • 1 decade ago

    God is supposedly not responsible for the acts of His creations (us) as a parent is not responsible for the acts of a grown child. However this falls apart as many times the acts of the grown child are closely connected to their parents and the parents are most certainly responsible for them at younger ages.

  • 1 decade ago

    God may have plans for your life but He won't live your life for you. That is up to you--to go by God's plan or some other plan. That is where your responsibility comes in.

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