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why the moon and star in pakistan s FLAGE i need ans in detail that why? plese?


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    Ditto the others who said it was pagan in origina and pre-Islamic.

    It is also the symbol of the Babylonian goddess Ishtar.

    It prepresents the moon god with his mother Venus (Rome) the morning star near it. Sun and moon and morning star triad were worshipped in many ancient cultures.

    Cross or tau used in Christendom is the brand of the pagan god Tammuz.

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    Pakistani Flag Meaning:

    Green is a traditional Islamic color and the crescent and star are also Islamic symbols. The white stripe represents the non-Muslim, minority, religious groups in Pakistan. According to modern meaning, the green represents prosperity; white symbolizes peace; the white crescent represents progress; and the white star represents light and knowledge.

    Pakistani Flag History:

    The Pakistan flag was adopted on August 14, 1947 when the country was formed after the British-ruled Indian sub-continent was divided into two independent states, Pakistan and India. The Pakistan flag is based on one created in 1906; which represented the All-Indian Muslim League - a political organization established to represent the political rights of Muslims in India. That flag had an entirely green base with a white crescent and star in the centre. The flag remained the same when Pakistan produced its first constitution in 1956 and officially became the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. In December 1971, the province of East Pakistan left and became Bangladesh.

    Interesting Pakistani Flag Facts:

    A common name for the Pakistani flag is 'subz hilali parcham' which is Urdu for 'green flag with the crescent'.

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    Dear Divine One

    o.k here goes

    Back in ancient times before Islam came into being, the word Allah was always used, it represented the main Deity of each village or tribe. It was a general term that was used for the main "GOD" or Deity of that place. In those time astrology was huge because people didn't rely on clocks and things like we do today. Understand, this does not make them dumb, they were knowledgeable about the inner workings and in tune with the seasons ect, through the rotations and cycle patterns of the stars.

    Based on where you were on the Earth certain stars are more visible, over time they would associate the stars with personalities as such with the seasons. Winter is coming (death,bitterness, old woman or man who was a negative person personified) this is the bad or negative season, the summer being the positive aspects of live, just like spring.The moon and stars that you see so replete in Islam comes from an old Goddess belief system from long ago, they associated the Moon (goddess) and the Star (Venus, the light bearer) with the mother the giver of boons, luck, life, wealth and so on.

    Skip many years down the road when the Prophet Muhammad came around and united the separate tribesmen, he united them under the order of "God" or the name which is used for god "Allah". However one must know when he used the name "Allah" he never specified which main deity... thus many of the symbols in Islam, Christianty, Buddhism and all the others still incorporate symbols of an older past. Each group that comes into power uses different symbols based on how they were brought up, and many use the old ancient symbols from the Goddess era... without knowing it, or caring to.

    In other words each is really the same except people now can't handle that we are all, not children of "God" or "Allah" but like the stars above were mere reflections our our true nature. The stars were hints or mirrors to remind us that we each are god, the many stars were symbols themselves reflected onto earth as a place holder for each divinity, you and me.

    The sky was a mirrors to see ourselves, not something distant and far away or outside of us. You know the truth for you, you know because you had to ask this question. Trust yourself

    hope this helps

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    The moon and star have been accepted by most as the symbol of Islam. Seeing as Pakistan was created as a homeland for Indian Muslims, it would make sense that they would put the moon and star on their flag. Several other Muslim countries have the moon and star on their flag, including Turkey, Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania, etc.

    EDIT: "Allah" is the word God in Arabic, it's not a "moon God". As for the symbols coming from pagans, that's also untrue. There was a Jewish tribe who used this symbol, it is assumed that is where it originated.

    But, to make one thing clear, it is NOT the official symbol of Islam, we don't have an actual Islamic symbol. It has just been accepted by Muslim as such, becase we follow the lunar calendar.

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    You may be surprised at this answer, but you will notice that the flags of almost ALL Muslim countries have the moon and star on it. This is because of the fact that "Allah" is the name of a pre-Islamic moon-god who was given monotheistic status by Mohammed.

    The crescent moon and star are also pagan fertility symbols. The crescent moon represents the female womb, and the star represents the male aspect. So you see the star going into the womb - you get the picture.

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    What's a flage? Is that a foreign word?

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    What the hell is a flage??

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