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How long do you have to wait to get a henna tattoo wet?

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    The best way that I've found to keep a good henna stain is to apply a mixture of sugar and lemon juice to the henna tattoo before it gets completely dry. After the henna dries out after a few hours, you can rub the henna off your skin. However, to keep the design longer, it's best to wrap it with paper towels or medical tape and let it stay in place over night. In the morning, rub the henna off your skin. Don't use water to wash it off. After this, you can get your henna design wet, but avoid chlorinated pools, because the chlorine will cause your tattoo to fade very quickly.

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    I got henna done recently, and the girl who did it gave me this little sheet on how to care for your henna tattoo. This is what it says about getting it wet: Before you put long water exposure on the tattoo, put on a coating of chapstick, or a similar product, to work as a seal for the henna.

    It doesn't say how long to wait, but that water isn't good for it, so you need to keep it dry as best as possible. :)

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    long wait henna tattoo wet

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    24 hours

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    I dont know what is Henna tatoo???????/

    Can you explan please?

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