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people from nepal?????????????????

what are people from nepal like?.. im not talking ancient times but like modern day?.. im american so wats the cultural differences??? anyone from nepal answers are appreciated more!!

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  • ellie
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    I have a few friends from Nepal, all of whom are absolutely awesome.

    People are people, all over the world, but culturally, Nepalis tend to be more reserved and often more conservative in their behavior than Americans tend to be. They don't usually express their emotions publicly - they shy away from public displays of affection or public arguments, for example. However, while some may seem shy, they are usually very friendly, warm, and helpful towards both acquaintances and strangers, once you start talking to them.

    My friends tell me that, with other Nepalis, they party hard and like to play cards and gamble when they get together with family and friends...and my friends have apparently vast extended families - everyone seems to be a cousin, to some degree - and they socialize with one another a lot. My Nepali friends all know one another (some are related to one another, some are not, but you couldn't tell which is which) and they tend to depend on one another in a way that might seem clannish to outsiders, but they tell me that they feel a kinship with other people from Nepal because there aren't that many where we live - finding a new Nepali person in the area is very exciting - and they try to help one another. They're reluctant to ask for help unless it's from close friends or family - the networking is incredible - but if you are able to help someone, they are very warm and appreciative.

    My friends are very proud to be Nepali but aren't obnoxious about it - they don't immediately dismiss anything that isn't Nepali as wrong, for example - and they all have a very clear-eyed view of the problems and issues facing people back home...they keep in touch and visit as much as they can, and they try to help the people back home whenever possible, because they feel connected to Nepal and because they feel that it is their responsibility to help if they are in a position to do so.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    hmm the people of nepal are good and bad it depends upon the person you meet if you meet good people then nepal is good if you meet bad people and then you will fell like the country is bad

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