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A. Bryant or D. Jackson?

The question is simple. Who would you draft? They are both usually there in the 5th rd of my mocks. If both are on the board who would you take?

My thoughts...

A. Bryant is the #1 WR on the Bucs. The only other real option is Winslow, who is a terrific pass catcher. Acquiring Ward means that they have a 3 headed running attack. With an unsettled QB situation theres no telling what the game plan is. If Freeman is doing as well as they say, Winslow will be big. If Leftwich or Griese start Bryant could be big...

DJax is on an Andy Reid team. That means 60% passing guaranteed. He's emerged as the #1 WR, but not the #1 target. Westbrook is the man and if he goes down, Rookie McCoy is also a great reciever out of the backfield. With Curtis fully healthy, and a crowded WR core... Brown, Avant and Basket... I'm hoping He remains the favorite target. A plus for him is that he'll probably return kicks which my league gives points for.

So I'm leaning towards Jackson, but Bryant is the only WR on that team, he should be big...

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    This may be a biased opinion, but I'd take Bryant. He came on strong last year and put up better numbers than Jackson. It's not like Jeff Garcia was a great throwing QB so Freeman/Leftwich (Griese will be cut) isn't too much of a downgrade. He's a clear No.1 WR on a team that likes to go deep. With Galloway and Hilliard gone, he'll get more looks. I like Jackson but he's in a crowded group ow WR (like you said) and isn't the clear go-to guy. Not to mention that they drafted Maclin. I'd go with Bryant.

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    I am questionable about Antonio Bryant just because Jeff Garcia isnt there and u dont know what ull get out of him. D. Jackson should have a worse year in my opinion cause the Eagles drafted Jeremy MAclin in THE FIRST ROUND which means that they have high hopes for him plus like u said McCoy can be involved in the passin game with Westbrook not 100%. It's close. Id take A.Bryant though just cause(like u said) he is the only solid option with WInslow.

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    agreed w JK

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