what is happening in act 1 scene 1 in Richard III also what is suprising/ dramatic about the scene?

I need this very desciptional. and a a very high level worth a gcse A grade. Dont worry im not using this for my gcse's seeing as im 14 lol. So please can someone help. Also i need to know what events make the scene dramatic and suprising. PLease can someone help me im begging you. I want this at a gcse level of A grade as well thank you millions the person who helps me on this.

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    Richard III

    Act I, Scene i Summary

    • We meet Richard, Duke of Gloucester (who will later be King Richard III) on a street in London.

    • He begins the play with one of the most famous speeches in Shakespeare’s writing, beginning "Now is the winter of our discontent…"

    • Richard clues us into what’s going on. A time of warfare has just ended, and a York (part of the family that Richard is from) has just taken the throne of England. That York happens to be Richard’s brother Edward, now crowned King Edward IV.

    • It’s a time for celebration, but Richard feels he can’t take part in all the happiness. He explains that he’s not shaped for fun times of celebration, as basically he was born deformed. Instead, Richard tells us that since he doesn’t have it in him to be a lover, he’s determined to be a villain.

    • Richard then explains that he’s laid some plans for villainy: A prophecy has been floating around the kingdom, stating that someone bearing the letter "G" would end up being the murderer of King Edward IV’s heirs.

    • Richard plans to use the prophecy to his advantage, setting up his two brothers against each other. If Richard’s brother, King Edward IV, can be made to believe that the prophecy obviously applies to their other brother, *G*eorge, Duke of Clarence, then Clarence will be imprisoned because of King Edward IV’s fear.

    • Richard will then be one step closer to his brother’s throne, and he gets the added bonus of having his other brother in jail, which delights him.

    • Who should show up at this moment but Richard's brother George, the Duke of Clarence (simply called Clarence), surrounded by guards who are taking him to be imprisoned in the Tower of London.

    • Richard pretends to be shocked and appalled by the bad treatment his brother is getting. He plays the fool, asking why Clarence is being jailed. More…..

    Full Summary…


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