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I am a girl, but I want to play on my high school baseball team.?

We do have a Softball team for girls, but I want to play baseball. I've grown up watching baseball all of my life, and even though the differences between baseball and softball are mostly minor differences, softball just isn't good enough. And, call it silly, I have a dream of playing in the major league. How is that going to happen if I'm playing SOFTBALL in high school? Besides, I think I could play just as well as any boy. So, I'm going to talk to my school's counsler about my being on the boys team. What I need are good reasons they should let me play. Any suggestions?


I know the chances of me actually GETTING into the majors is already slim, wether I'm a girl or not. I'm just saying, it's a little dream I've always had, and I'd really like to persue it.

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    There is nothing wrong with your desire to play baseball. However, most states have rules that dictate what sports girls and boys can play. You and your parents should look into those guidelines for your state. The usual guideline is that if the school district offers a comparable sport for each gender, then you can only play the sport offered for your gender. In other words, if your school offers baseball for boys and softball for girls, then boys can't play softball and girls can't play baseball. However, if no other comparable sport is offered for one gender, for example, there is baseball but no softball team, then girls are allowed to try out for baseball. This is why you hear of girls playing football or wrestling, because there are no comparable sports offered for girls.

    Have your parents help you look into the rules in your state, and good luck with your plans.

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    Sorry to say, but if your school actually has a softball team, then they aren't gonna let you play on the baseball team.

    Then more girls would try out and make it, and then there would be a softball team and a coed baseball team? No.


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    Well it's nice that you have a dream playing in majors and all but I was in my high school baseball team and the thought of having a girl as a teammate would be a bit awkward it's gonna be tough but you can try convincing the team to let you join and I do believe you that you can play as well as the boys but still it's gonna be tough.

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    Hey girl go for it, i would love a girl on my highschool team, and about getting into the majors thats an awesome dream, ive all ways wanted to be in the majors, but yeah i dont think you school would have a problem with it, and as long as u gots the skillz i dont think the boys would mind either, and if ur hot theyll probably like it lol and good luck with ur dreams, hope i see u in the majors in a few years

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    Stress that you play baseball, which is different than softball. They are two separate sports, and it I have heard it isn't easy to switch between the two. Also mention that you don't expect any special treatment, just that you want the chance to try out. If you can get to tryouts you will have to prove yourself.

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    Go to the coach and ask them you want to try out. I don't think they can decline you trying out because that would be sexist. If you don't make it, try hard, practice all the time until next year, and play on the softball team until next year. Good Luck, will be looking forward to seeing you in the Majors ;).

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    Make sure you try and get across your passion to play baseball. At least try and get it to where you can try out. I know that they are not obligated to let you play baseball (to stop the whole sexism thing they brought about softball to be equal). But I still consider that wrong (separate but equal). Try and be nice and get the counselor to level with you. You may be surprised.

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    not only are your chances at the majors slim, but the chances of even makin your high school team are slim. Baseball is an incredibly hard sport. Its not very physical but it requires a lot of skill and experience.

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    Just show them how good you are in baseball game.

    challenge with the boys in the team.

    By the way, there shouldnt be any rule that say No girl in Baseball game. even it does really have, then just be the 1st girl in the game.

    Just go a head and give it a try...


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    Try out for the team. It is as simple as that. If you are good enough the coach will let you play. And if you are good enough but they don' let you play or if they don't even let you tryout, then you have a potential lawsuit.

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