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Anonymous asked in Science & MathematicsBotany · 1 decade ago

marijuana cultivation?

i am asking this question to better educate myself on the topic of marijuana plant growth for a school project. i do not smoke, nor wish to grow or smoke any marijuana like substances. my question is strictly professional and on an educational level.

if one was to cultivate cannabis in upstate NY, starting immediately by planting seeds in the ground outside, and using the most professional techniques as is allowable in the given environment, would there be any way to boost growth on a super duper level and potentially catch the plants up with the season to provide a fully potent harvest this fall?

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    1 decade ago
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    The only way you can make a super duper potent THC count plant is:

    1. The seed, some seeds contain very low % of THC, while some contain a very high % THC count.

    Low count 9-13%

    Average count 14-17%

    High count 18-23%

    Some go even higher than 23%, but they are rare. The highest recorded I believe is 26%, if it gets any higher the THC would actually be heavier than the plant itself.

    2. Good nutrients in soil

    3. The right amount of light, and darkness

    4. Sheer fate

    Also, most of the time female plants are only cultivated, some people I have heard keep male plants for pure hemp crafting.

    You can not speed up the growth significantly. You can make hybrid plants though. I know someone who cross bred a strawberry plant with a marijuana plant. Go to for more information, it's a smokers community, but some people there are actually very nice and will inform you quite a bit.

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