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Separation of Church and State V.S. Filing your Taxes as Married?

Alrighty here it is...if there is a legal separation of church and state in the United States...why are married couples allowed to file their taxes together?...I think the government shouldnt allow married couples to file their taxes together on the grounds that the "marriage" they share is based on a religious practice regardless of their choice in faith (catholic, mormon etc...) Marriage is defined as a union between two people, well regardless it is a ceramonial practice when you come right down to tell me what do you think? is filing your taxes as a married couple violating the separation of church and state?

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    when you are married, you do not have to file taxes jointly, do a little research and you could've found this out on your own.

    who are you to judge people? not all marriages are performed in a church.

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    where are you getting this idea about a legal separation of church and state? the reason that married people get a ta break is that married people tend to have children that will grow up to add to the GDP

    I still can't figure out where you are getting this separation of church and state, there is no such law, its not in the Constitution and was a phrase that was invented in the 60's as a tool to attack any idea or organization that someone on the left doesn't like

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    Even an atheist can get married. It is called a Justice of the Peace. Or a Court Judge. And I agree with the other answers here. You do have the choice to fill joint or separate so why do you have an issue with this?

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    Marriage is a civil contract far older than any religion.

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    not all marriages are based on religion you do know that a judge can marry you right

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