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自從美國1999年IOM(Institute of Medicine)之報告強調病人安全(patient safety)的理念,世界各國相繼建立維護病人安全的相關通報系統,來確保人民的用藥安全。根據2007年美國病人安全基金會(National Patient Safety Foundation)的資料顯示,美國醫師每年開立的三十億張處方箋中,門診藥劑師配藥疏失多達三千萬件。換言之,每一百張處方箋中,就會發生一件門診配藥錯誤案例。研究配藥失誤案例的美國加州大學聖地牙哥分校社會學教授David Phillips就指出,因配藥疏失而致命的案例在過去二十年間有急遽增加的趨勢,而這個增加的比率,門診藥劑師所犯的疏失遠比住院藥劑師來的大。根據瞭解,造成配藥失誤的原因不外乎:英文藥名相近似而一時失察、醫院業務量繁重及藥師人力不足,而忙中有錯…等等。

本研究將RFID做為基礎研究並與電子秤結合,配合所開發的管理程式將以下兩種數據傳回電腦做判斷,一是利用RFID Reader讀取藥品罐上的Tag來確認藥品正確性,另一是使用電子秤測得藥物數量值。



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    Ever since the report of 1999 IOM(Institute of Medicine) in the United States emphasized the principle of patient security(patient safety), the international community built up the related notification system that safeguarded patient's security one after another, ensure using of people medicine security.The data of 2007 the safe foundation(National Patient Safety Foundation) of American patient indicate that American doctor draws every year of in 3,000,000,000 prescription Jians, out-patient service medicine the teacher fill a prescription failures to reach to 30,000,000 more.In other words, each time in 100 prescription Jians, will take place an out-patient service to fill a prescription a false case.Research fills a prescription to mistake American University of California, San Diego of the case cent school sociology to teach David Phillips to point out, because of fill a prescription failures and fatal case at the past 20 years, has rapidly increase of trend, and the ratio of this increment, out-patient service medicine's failures made by teacher far compare go to hospital medicine teacher come of big.According to understanding, cause to fill a prescription the reason of the mistake not and outside:English medicine famous prime minister looks like and a momentary oversight, the hospital amount of business is heavy and medicine teacher the manpower isn't enough, and is wrong in the favour …etc..

    This research is used as RFID, the foundation research also combines with electronics steelyard and match with the management program developed to send back following two kinds of datas the computer judge, one is make use of RFID Reader read drugs bottle up of Tag to confirm drugs accuracy, another a is use electronics steelyard to measure the value of the medicine amount.

    This research can improve drugs to adjust the human error on , let patient can at more safe .


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