Do electric cars also have grear transmission?

Also, how many motors are used in and electric car?

Additional information would be appreciated.

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    Why do you have a transmission? Your car's wheels need to be able to turn between 0 and about 1000 RPM, and you have to be able to apply a lot of power at any of those speeds.

    An electric AC induction motor can apply high power between 0 and about 6000 RPM. So you put an 6:1 final drive ratio and you're all set. No transmission needed.

    A gas engine is completely useless at 0 RPM. It's only useful from about 1500-5000 RPM, but it gets best MPG about 1500 RPM... that means you need several drive ratios for different vehicle speeds. That's a transmission.

    A typical DC motor can go from 0 to 8000 RPM, but only if you can keep increasing the voltage as it speeds up. Your battery pack is one voltage, so that's inconvenient. The traditional technique is to have 2 motors, and switch them series to parallel. In an automobile, you can also solve this with a transmission.

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    Gears are an adaptation to an internal combustion engine that allows the engine to get to a rpm level where there is sufficient torque to pull the vehicle. Electric vehicles (and steam engines) have virtually full torque from 0 rpm and thus do not usually require gearing for reasons of torque. A direct drive is therefore possible.

    People who adapt conventional cars to electric may keep the transmission in place to make adaptation to the existing drive train easier.

    Many electric cars have regenerative breaking. This may be more easily controlled with one motor. Also for reasons of suspension and breaking individual motors at all four wheels present some technical difficulties to be overcome. The simplest solution is to have one motor. There have been several electric vehicle concepts that include 2 or 4 hub motors instead of the 1 motor design.

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    Electrical cars usually are just ordinary cars without the fuel supply and an electric engine instead of the gasoline engine. When converting a normal car usually people use manual transmissions because automatic causes problems. They just put the new engine on the old one's place, so electric cars have only 1 engine. Electric engines to not need gears. I believe the trolleybuses of Vancouver have no gears (or maybe they have reverse or something).

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    definite!!! it is totally attainable, not hard in any respect. in basic terms ingredient is which you do not want a snatch because of the fact once you return to a end, an electric powered motor can take a seat at 0 rpms. certainly, in case you have been to transform a gas motor vehicle to an electric powered motor vehicle, it may be greater powerful to transform a motor vehicle that has a handbook transmission. the difficulty with an computerized transmission with an electric powered motor is that an electric powered motor has diverse potential bands so which you will might desire to alter the shift factors in yet in a various manner to get the main out of the potential bands.

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    some do but most eletric cars are also powered by gas, too.

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