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"My boyfriend and I are white, but our baby looks black...?

"My boyfriend and I are white, but our baby looks black...Why??? Culd he have cheated on me....


Um, 4 those of u talking bout I cheated, I don;t think that's possible. Ok I did hook up with one guy I did'nt tell my my bf about. I felt really bad but that isn't it. That guy wuz only half Black and we used a condom eveyr time.

So I finally called my bf on it 2day n he wuz tryin to deny cheating lik I did'nt already know. He kep denying it but I know better than 2 believe dat cheatin liar. Kicked his *** out da house right quick and tol him neva come back. Can u f***** believ him!!???

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    You need to learn some things about genetics to understand how this could happen. If your boyfriend cheated on you - someone else would have had a baby - not you! The question would be if you cheated on him - but really - there are cases of a "black" couple having a "white" baby or a "white" couple having a "black" baby. The thing is that any genetic combination is possible but the likelihood of certain traits becoming dominant is more or less depending on the genetic combination. It's like playing the lottery - sure the chances of that happening are slim- but it can happen. Hey - guess what - "black" people aren't black - if they were - their skin would not be able to process necessary vitamins through the sun. "White" people are not really white - if we were we would all die from skin disease and have NO protection from UV rays of the sun. We all have a skin pigment called melanin. If you have a little then your skin is lighter in color and if you have alot - it's darker in color. If 2 light skinned people have a baby - the odds are really good for having a light skinned child - but alternate gene combinations are possible it's just not likely. Go to the library and check out a book about DNA and melanin and how the integumentary system works because then you will learn and understand what I'm talking about. Also do remember that many many generations of people have gone by before this baby came along so there was a high likelihood that a distant relative carrying a darker skin tone trait married into the family at some point. Contrary to popular belief - one's skin tone does not reveal a "pure" bloodline as far as race goes.

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    How can the guy cheat and you have a black baby. The baby came out of your body so it had to be you who cheated. Maybe your gay then I'm not even sure what happened. But if your a girl and there was a black guy involved, even with protection it still could have been the black guys baby. Portection doesnt always work you know.

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    You kicked him out? You just literally said you cheated on him "Ok I did hook up with one guy I did'nt tell my my bf about", this is right after you said it wasn't possible, albeit in hideous grammar.

    Damn, you must've fell off the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down, the fact that you have a baby now is terrifying, i feel sorry for that baby. I don't think going back to school could save you, i think you don't even have the IQ to understand some of the stuff in elementary school even.

    Yes, i know how old this question is, it just had to be said.

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    It would nit make one bit of difference if your boyfriend cheated on you!!!

    It's SPERM from the man that makes the baby black or white!!

    If YOU slept with a BLACK man, baby could be mixed race, if YOU slept with a WHITE man, baby would be white!!

    I'm sorry but only you know who you've been letting in between your legs, so only person who could have cheated is you, not your boyfriend to make the baby mixed race!!!!!!

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    Probably one of your ancestors was a ni**er lover and had an affair staining your blood line what happend in your case was something called a saltátras when two white people have a black baby because one of your guys's great grandparents was black.

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    Even if ur boyfriend cheated on u it wouldnt contribute to the color of UR baby...someone in ur or his family could be black and that gene was carried to the baby and if u know absolutley know that there is no past members of ur family or his family that are black then just wait it out it could just be a temperary color

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    In order for you baby to be black you would have to cheated on him and you said you did. Him cheating on you would have nothing to do with you have a baby that looks black. The person who he cheated on you with would have to of had the baby. Learn how to type and right.

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    Wow....just wow.

    First be proud, this made it on "Cinema snobs - My Baby is Black!" review.

    I dont even know where to begin. If he cheated on you with 100000000000 black woman, it would not contribute to your child being black. No, YOU would have had to cheat (As you finally said you did) and to top it off, you kicked this guy out.

    Great, fn great, another baby with no father and a mother who is clueless. God d@mnit...

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    No. The only cheating would be from the momma. That's beside the point. You or your boyfriend has to be a carrier of that trait. Meaning some one down the bloodline has to be a different race.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    "My boyfriend and I are white, but our baby looks black...?

    "My boyfriend and I are white, but our baby looks black...Why??? Culd he have cheated on me....

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